Announces the ChargeCard External Battery for iOS Devices



Now this is cool!, an online retailer specializing exclusively in successful Kickstarter products for Apple accessories, announces the availability of the ChargeCard, a simple and elegant USB charging cable for the iPhone and iPad.  About the size of a credit card, this power solution is slim enough to slide into a wallet for easy accessibility and portability. 
“The ChargeCard is such a simple solution to a vexing problem we face almost every day,” says Chris Johnson, Founder of  “It eliminates the hassle of bulky charging cases and tangled charging wires because of its thin, lightweight size.  Simply stick it into your wallet to ensure you’ll never be without a power option no matter where your day takes you.”
At only 0.1” thick (that’s roughly twice the width of a credit card), the ChargeCard can fit easily into the slots of your wallet.  It can also be carried in a purse, briefcase, or even underneath many iPhone cases.  It seamlessly fits into any lifestyle for easy access to power when you need it the most.

The ChargeCard uses any USB port to charge your phone or tablet.  USB ports can easily be found on laptops, TV’s, stereos and more so you can always find a port to quickly juice up your device.  Using the ChargeCard is simple- just remove it from your wallet, flip open the foldable “cable,” and plug it into a USB port.  The other end of the ChargeCard slips into your iOS device’s outlet.  The ChargeCard is designed to even work with larger, protective cases.
The foldout USB arm is made from flexible, thermoplastic elastomer, and the body is derived from durable ABS plastic.  The ChargeCard is available in black for $24.99 at
Additionally, a Micro USB version will become available in March.