DLCs and Season Passes? WTF?!

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So when the hell did this happen exactly? I mean we used to get complete games for one price, then we had add-on DLCs for an extra cost now we have these things they’re calling a Season Pass which is just a whole bunch of DLC for one price. Seriously when did this happen that we have accepted paying for incomplete games? When is it going to end really? It seems we just have to keep paying and paying for content for games! We used to just be able to buy a game and play it and it was a complete game. Why have we accepted this, when it become the norm to keep paying and paying for content?

Really though, when was it that we just sat back and accepted all of this? These companies just want to squeeze more and more money out of us and no one seems to be really complaining about it. Why are we letting this happen? Games are games, we’re supposed to enjoy them and I don’t think we’re supposed to pay more and more to enjoy them.  it seems like these companies just want to get everything they can out of us, they sell us a game and say “hey if you want the rest of the game, give us money and we’ll let you play more”

I don’t like MMORPGs basically because I don’t think I should have to continue paying for a game that I already paid for and it seems that games these days are just going that way, all games are becoming these things that you have to pay more and more for. I don’t think it’s fair to us gamers to make us pay more and more for content.

It’s like they’re selling us incomplete games and making us pay to get the rest of the game.

When did this become acceptable?

Oh well, whatever, it’s not going to change, it’s just going to get worse and worse it seems with them asking us for more and more money but yet making us pay premium prices for the games.  I can understand if they lowered the prices of the games, instead of paying $60 when it comes out, let us pay $30 and then charge us for the rest. I could understand that, but then again even that I wouldn’t agree with. Why can’t they just give us the whole game?