Jabra Announces Speak 510 Series Speakerphone

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The new Jabra Speak is available in two models, the Speak 510 and the 510+.


Building off the success of the Jabra Speak™ 410, which helped Jabra secure a 30% global market share in the USB speakerphone market, Jabra today announced the Jabra Speak™ 510 Series. Targeting the Mobile Worker, two variants – the Speak 510+and the Speak 510 – enable greater user flexibility at home, in the workplace and on the go. The Speak 510 functions as a corded speakerphone for softphones or Bluetooth® capability for smartphones and tablets. The Speak 510+ cuts the cords – in addition to Bluetooth capability for smartphones, it uses a dongle to enable wireless use with softphones with a 300 foot range. In addition, both products feature 15 hours of talk time, more than double that of competitive products in the market.

Designed for professionals with an everyday need for high quality audio conferencing or simply hands-free calls, the Jabra Speak 510 Series easily connects to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices – including PCs, tablets or smartphones – and can seamlessly switch back and forth between devices, ensuring calls are never missed. The Speak 510+ functions as a lightweight audio device with a compact design, convenient travel case and 15 hours of talk time. The crystal-clear omnidirectional microphone means all parties gathered around the speakerphone can hear and speak clearly – making it an ideal collaboration tool for both one-on-one and smaller group conference calls. Featuring audio quality with A2DP technology for multimedia streaming, the Speak 510+ is steps ahead of the competition. The plug-and-play connectivity of the Speak 510+ allows users to simply connect the device via USB and offers full compatibility with leading UC systems and VoIP clients. 

"The mobile workforce is growing at a rapid rate, and its workers demand technology that enables them to become more efficient at collaborating and communicating," said Pete Fox, president of Jabra North America.  "The Jabra Speak 510 makes it easier than ever to turn any workspace into a conference room, taking ‘mobile worker’ to the next level."

Whether for executives that need the flexibility of a professional grade speakerphone that allows freedom to move around a business or home office or for use on the road in a hotel room or at a client meeting, the Speak 510+ offers unmatched wireless mobility for mobile workers when it comes to communicating via a speakerphone.

In the workplace, mobility is becoming more important in order to attract and offer employees the possibility of working from anywhere to enable a better work/life balance. This generation of employees defined as Generation Mobile* has grown up with Internet access, social networks, mobile phones and the "always on" lifestyle. Generation Mobile is profoundly changing the way the world communicates and interacts at work and the devices that support the increased request for more mobility are in high demand. According to a forecast from IDC**, the mobile worker population in the United States will account for 75% of the nation’s workforce by 2015, indicating that the 9-to-5 days in the office will be history for the vast majority.

In order to fully take advantage of the potential of a mobile workforce, new, integrated communication tools are required. A global survey by Jabra and Frost & Sullivan* indicates an alarming discrepancy between the benefits companies expect from a more mobile workforce and how these employees are actually supported. One in five employees said they do not have the tools and devices to be able to work the way they want.

The Jabra Speak 510 retails for $149.95 and is available now through Jabra channel partners and on Amazon.com. The Speak 510+ ($179.95) will be available via Jabra channel partners beginning in March.