PLAYMOBIL Pirates Now Available on the App Store

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Playmobil is now available on the iOS, and coming sometime in the future to Android…


PLAYMOBIL Pirates, the first PLAYMOBIL game for a digital platform, is now available as a free download on iOS and is coming soon to Google Play. The app is launched worldwide in ten different languages.* The launch is the result of a collaboration between PLAYMOBIL, Germany’s largest toy manufacturer, and Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games.

Fans will enjoy graphics that stay true to the original PLAYMOBIL figures, as well as an immersive pirate universe that is sure to delight. The diverse role play possible with PLAYMOBIL develops kids’ creativity and stimulates their imagination. The PLAYMOBIL Pirates digital game is in line with those values, while allowing players to take on action-filled adventures.

PLAYMOBIL Pirates invites players to an island world full of swashbuckling characters, quests, mini-games, and more. As players get the chance to meet the most popular figures, ships and buildings from PLAYMOBIL’s newest Pirates line, as well as many iconic PLAYMOBIL classics, they are also able to build their own pirate camp and recruit fearless crew members to set sail on their own pirate ship.PLAYMOBIL Pirates can be downloaded for free. Pirate professionals who would like to speed up the expansion of their empire will have the option to buy additional features.

" With Gameloft comes a reputation of an experienced player in the market of mobile and social games .We are excited about bringing our pirates to the digital world via a creative platform so entertainingly and in such great detail , " said Christian Buchner, Project Manager, from PLAYMOBIL. " With the first PLAYMOBIL app, we are not only offering our fans a totally new mobile gaming experience , but are kick starting our presence in the booming smartphone and tablet market to enable us to make new and existing fans even more enthusiastic about our brand. "

Karine Kaiser, VP of Marketing and Licensing at Gameloft, added, " For the first time, real PLAYMOBIL -brand toys will come to life on smartphones and tablets around the world. Many children will surely find PLAYMOBIL toys under the Christmas tree this year, among which is the current best selling retail product from the Pirates toy line, T he Pirates Ship . W e re thrilled and eager to help PLAYMOBIL fans to discover them on digital platforms , in a complementary and entertaining experience to the one they re used to with their favorite toys. This partnership will also allow us to enrich our catalog of family games even more. "

Since the launch of the first PLAYMOBIL pirate ship in 1978, the 7.5 cm tall buccaneers have been an integral part of PLAYMOBIL’s product lineup. With PLAYMOBIL and Gameloft, the dream of becoming a pirate and the hero of epic adventures not only can come true in the playroom, but also in the digital world on smartphones and tablets.

* Available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian/Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and Russian

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