Hey Hacker, Cut it out!

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Hey hacker… you’ve been trying to access this site since yesterday, would you please stop. I’ve got like 80+ attempts to login from you, would you please just cut it out, as you’re really annoying me.

My password is not 12345 or 123456 or 123456789 or anything really stupid like that. It’s not letmein, changeme, exchange, 44444, pass1, customer, 123123, nobody, admin1, codename or anything close to any of those. Yes I grabbed all of those attempts form the log. I must admit some of them are cute, but did you know you’re repeating yourself?  Yes several of them you’ve tried already, so you might want to check that.

How about you tell me why you want in my site?

What exactly are you going to do once you get in?

What do you want? Seriously, what the hell do you want?