Build-A-Zombie Comes to iOS

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Zombies!!!  We all love zombies don’t we??


Apptooth ( a leading mobile app development studio, today introduced Build-A-Zombie™ in the App Store available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


  • Build personalized Zombies – with thousands of variations to choose from.
  • Share the Zombies with your Facebook friends and enter contests.
  • Enter the 3D shooting game to earn zombie-bucks and prevent the apocalypse.
  • Shoot Zombies with Laser Beams, Machine Guns and other cool weapons.
  • Awesome Retina Display graphics, custom Zombie tunes and more.
  • Order a t-shirts, hats, or hoodies with the customized Zombies.

Build-A-Zombie™ GAME OVERVIEW:

Build personalized Zombies and name them! Gangnam Style Zombies, Army Zombies, Cheerleader Zombies, Gangsta Zombies, Skater Zombies and thousands more.

YEP, build custom Zombies with thousands of variations to choose from – eyes, mouth, nose, shirts, pants, hats, shoes, accessories, bling, weapons, etc – and share them with Facebook friends, family, enter contests and even order hats, t-shirts and hoodies with the customized Zombie creation on it.


After creating the Zombies, enter the 3D Zombie shooting game and unlock the coolest outfits, weapons, awards and zombie-bucks. Get bonus points for shooting Zombies!

The Zombies will put finger and eye speed to the test to prevent the Zombie apocalypse.

And watch out for the flying pigs. They’re unbelievably fast and deadly.

The amazing Retina Display HD graphics, customized music, animation, social network integration, rewards, and special effects will keep Zombie fans and mobile gamers from 1-99 playing for hours.

“After months of numerous energy drinks and all-nighters, we’re proud to have launched our mobile game, Build-A-Zombie™ in the App Store,” said George Matus, Apptooth Founder and Managing Director. “We’re excited to see the robust demand in our mobile game and received thousands of new fans on our Facebook page just minutes after it went live in the App Store. Build-A-Zombie™ is clear testament of Apptooth’s ability to develop some of the most complex mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices including mobile games that incorporate all the attributes of some of the most successful production game titles in the App Store. We’d like to thank our fans around the world for their support and stay tuned for more game changing apps coming soon from Apptooth!”

Join the thousands of Zombie and App Store fans on the Apptooth Facebook page to keep up with Build-A-Zombie updates and other cool iOS, Android and Windows apps!

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