Does a NAS storage server answer future data management needs?

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There is one thing which is constant in the technology field and that is ‘Change’. While punch cards were replaced by magnetic tapes, floppy drives were replaced by hard drives. Today there is an enormous development seen in the data storage segment. Compact devices like pen drives and DVDs carry TBs of data. One of the revolutionary upgrades of the modern era is the introduction of NAS devices into the technology space. As NAS drives offer an efficient and scalable method to store and retrieve data while being easy to install and configure, network attached storage technology has become an instant success. However, there are several questions as to how long this technology can rule the data management segment.

Network attached storage is an amazing concept of installing a dedicated storage server to store data in an organized way in a network. As these network drives are solely created for the purpose of storing and managing data, there are no other applications that compete for processor resources. This is one aspect which makes a NAS drive work at an increased efficiency, offering faster accessibility. Another important feature is the option to upgrade the drive. As your storage requirements increase over time, you can add additional drives to this storage server and easily manage your data. The software that comes with the drive enables users to backup data between other devices and NAS. With its dedicated data management task, a NAS storage service strikes an edge over direct attached storage devices.

Another technology that competes with network attached storage is SAN or System attached network. SAN replicates a local area network and handles huge amounts of data transfers using disk arrays and high end servers. The transmission of data is carried through fibre channel interconnectivity technology. On the other hand, NAS drives work over TCP/IP protocol. Today, TCP/IP and Ethernet connectivity are more popular all over the world and SAN technology is making a transition to IP based technology. As network attached storage uses TCP/IP and Ethernet technology, it is considered as the most preferred data management system for small as well as large enterprises.

In addition to core business processes, NAS storage devices cater to the needs of home and entertainment segment. The network drive acts as a media server to offer streaming video and audio data. With social media marketing ruling the advertisement circles, NAS technology has an important role to play in the future.

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