Hama "Fancy Neoprene Flame" Compact Camera Bag Review

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Up for review today I’ve got another camera case, it’s a basic case from Hama made of neoprene so it’s elastic and rather durable. It’s a case that will offer a little protection or it’s a light duty case for short trips in a bag with your other stuff. The actual name of the case is the Fancy Neoprene Flame Compact Camera Bag and it features a faint flame design to it, so read on…


Product Name: Hama “Fancy Neoprene Flame” Compact Camera Bag – 50E – Black

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: Love Cases

Price: £7.99 / $12.78

Fleece compartment inside
Inside the case there is an additional compartment to store a memory card or 2. This saves it being loose in case and damaging your camera or even getting lost

Flexible neoprene material
The whole outer of the case is made from flexible neoprene material which offers excellent protection for you camera. The fabric is water-resistant and extremely durable.

Soft fleece inner lining
The soft fleece lining protects your camera when you’re on the go, also it offers excellent protection when inserting and removing your camera.

Integrated belt loop
The integrated belt loop enables you to attach the case to your belt or bag, it opens using Velcro making it even easier to remove when required.

Internal Dimensions (cm): 10.5 x 6.5 x 2 cm

Love Cases carries many cases for cameras, no matter which you may have. If you need a Panasonic tz30 case or one for your Sony Cybershot, Love Cases has what you need!

The Review::

The case doesn’t come in a box, it just has a hang tag on it with specs and features listed.

hamneo1 hamneo2

The case is black neoprene and it does have a flame pattern on it but it’s fairly hard to see. It’s neoprene so it’s very stretchy and durable. The case closes with a zipper that opens half of the case basically.


I found taking the picture without the flash made the flames show up better.


On the back of the case is a velcro belt loop, I like this style as you don’t have to take your belt off to attach the case to it.



Opening the zipper you’ll find a soft fleece lining with minimal padding. Inside is also a small pocket big enough for one or two SD cards.



I recently got a new compact camera, the Fuji Z900EXR and this case was made for compact cameras like it. The camera has a 3.5” LCD screen but it’s a touchscreen so it surely needs a case to protect it.


The zipper is padded on the inside, there’s extra cloth there to protect your camera from being damage by the zipper. This is a nice added feature I think.


My camera is a tight fit in the case, but it’s supposed to be as it’s neoprene and it’s meant to form around your camera.




The Hama Fancy Neoprene Case isn’t a bad product, just don’t expect much protection if you drop it.  The case is fine for light protection like if you put it in another bag with you laptop or clothes for a trip. It will protect against scratches and minor dings surely and it will protect the LCD screen and lens.

There is a very small pocket inside, big enough for one or two spare memory cards but don’t expect to carry a battery with you.

In short the case is fine for light protection in another bag, it would be fine if you were taking it out on a short trip like to your child’s play or a family picnic where you won’t extra batteries or extra protection.


+Tight fit on camera
+Pocket for extra memory cards
+Good material
-Case is thin and doesn’t offer much protection from drops


Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10

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