Kingdom Crafting Reveals Save the World or Not

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Sex and Gaming? Yeah I’m in…. sounds good to me, it’s about time we get some more adult oriented games!!!



Are you an adult and also feel that most computer games are… not particularly appealing? We have little time for long gaming marathons, and are also not usually in a wild puberty rage craving for insane levels of uber-violence.

Imagine instead… a cool and relaxed game setting. Mature themes, lavish lifestyle, hot girls and, yes, sex please! Enjoying an epic adventure story on a quest to save the world! And a game where one can make already good progress in a brief game session! Welcome to Save the World or Not®, a new kind of online PC game unveiled today!

A major focus for the game developers is to make the game approachable and accessible even for people who don’t usually play games. To realize a familiar TV/movie-like visual experience, the developers have come up with new “Intelligent Dynamic Video” technology: Live-action HD video – that intelligently and continuously changes depending on the player and his actions – is seamlessly integrated with gameplay.

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“Sex?” replies Alexander Nareyek, studio head of the company Kingdom Crafting that produces the game, “Sure, the game includes explicit sex, and a quite healthy dose of it. If you look at the uneasy way that most media outlets deal with sex, it may seem hard to believe, but let me tell you an earth-shattering secret: Nearly everyone on this planet loves and enjoys sex! And if you exchange awkward-looking 3d graphics with a high-quality HD video engine, sex is great game content.”

After three years of development in secrecy, the game is now revealed to the public. Pre-orders are made available from this very second and come with an exclusive set of free specials that are available only for a limited time. For more information and pre-orders, head over to the game’s website: