SimpliSafe Announces A New Interactive Home Security System

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I have one of these and they’re very good. Well I actually have the first version, this announcement is about the SimpliSafe2…


The SimpliSafe2 wireless security system offers the latest in remote control features to help protect and monitor your home. Unlike other home security systems, the SimpliSafe2 is available without having to incur thousands of dollars in yearly monitoring fees and multi-year contracts.

“Homeowners are disgusted with alarm bills that are outrageous, annoying, and unfairly expensive; the time to switch is now”

Key features include:

Total Control from Timbuktu—all system sensors and settings can be manipulated on a Smart Phone or computer from anywhere in the world

Arm/disarm from the office, gym, or a bungalow in Bali

“Instant trigger” and “alert-only” settings for finely tuned zoning

SMS texts alerts of alarms and activity at home (i.e. System disarmed by PIN2 “house guest”)

“Secret! Alerts” for sensors protecting private areas of your home such as bedroom closets, filing cabinets, medicine cabinets, gun safes and alcohol cabinets

Additional home security sensors monitoring home temperature and detecting plumbing leaks

How SimpliSafe’s latest wireless security system is giving traditional alarm companies a run for their money

Companies like Tyco’s ADT Pulse, United Technologies, Honeywell, Xfinity, and AT&T are betting that smart home features will become high margin subscription revenue cash cows. Many traditional alarm companies offer these interactive features to customers only after locking them into multi-year service contracts at high monthly fees costing up to $50/month.

Before now, homeowners wanting the latest in remote interactive features had to pay thousands in equipment and installation fees, as well as sign fee-ridden multi-year contracts. Even worse, traditional alarm monitoring contracts often contain sneaky automatic rollover clauses that commit customers to another 3 years of fees if they fail to cancel within 30 days of its expiration. Such rollover clauses are so nasty that many states are trying to ban them.

SimpliSafe’s latest home security system is changing all this. The SimpliSafe2 home security system is sold at prices everyone can afford and is easily self-installed. Interactive home monitoring is offered at just $24.99/month. SimpliSafe does not use contracts to lock in customers; the company relies on it’s excellent products and services to keep customers happy.

“Homeowners are disgusted with alarm bills that are outrageous, annoying, and unfairly expensive; the time to switch is now,” says Chad Laurans, SimpliSafe CEO. “Just like our original security system, the SimpliSafe2 is sold without any contracts. We provide alarm monitoring on a month-to-month subscription basis. No commitments, no gotchas, no hidden fees. The SimpliSafe2 is also equipped with cellular technology, making land line phone bills a thing of the past.”

All SimpliSafe systems are sold online. To get more details and pricing visit