Sewell Intros Hydra 3×1 HDMI Cable Switch

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Ever not have enough HDMI ports? Sewell might have a solution to that in their Hydra 3×1 HDMI switch…


Today Sewell announced the release of the Sewell Hydra, a unique HDMI switch, designed to easily and effectively connect three video sources to one main display. Each HDMI cable needed for the setup is built into the all-in-one design.

The Sewell Hydra is an in-line HDMI switch designed to allow the user to simply connect various HDMI sources to an HDTV or other HDMI display in full 1080p. Most HDMI switches require the user to purchase each individual HDMI cable. With the Hydra design, a user can quickly and easily install the switch to his existing setup, without a need for additional expensive cables.

“We wanted an easy home theater solution which would reduce the amount of clutter and need for so many extra cables,” said Brett Beatty, Sewell’s product manager for the Hydra. “We are really pleased with the way this product turned out.”

No power source is needed to operate the Hydra. Sewell’s new device runs off the power running through the built-in HDMI cables which eliminates the need for an extra power cable. Another noticeable difference in the Hydra design is the one-touch push button which is used to simply switch between the three different HDMI sources, eliminating the need for another little remote. LED lights next to the button indicate which HDMI port is in use.

Sewell’s Hydra is available for purchase starting today.