Company 21 Century Smoking Offering Free Starter Kits

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I looked into this as I thought it was a decent deal, but it turns out it’s only free if you commit to buying more of their products?! Personally I would have to actually try it first before I commit my money..


21 Century Smoking electronic cigarettes, one of the top names in the industry, is offering free Blackjack electronic cigarette starter kits. This kit retails for $69.95 and it is a top of the line product with no smoke, no tar, no tobacco, and no smell. With over 20 flavors, 5 nicotine levels, and 8 battery colors to choose from, this is the best free offer ever by an electronic cigarette company. Click here to get your electronic cigarette starter kit today. Quantities are limited and there is a limit of 1 per person.

“We are so excited to be doing this in order to help more people than ever to begin ‘vaping’ today. Our electronic cigarettes are top of the line and this is most certainly the best offer in the history of the company,” said Brent Duke, President of 21 Century Smoking. “For obvious reasons, our supply is limited so I’d advise anyone who has ever considered trying an electronic cigarette to act today!”

Click here to get specifics of the offer. This is the equivalent of getting over 7 packs of cigarettes absolutely free.

21 Century Smoking is truly top of the line. Charles from Connecticut says he has “prior to using the product spent in the neighborhood of $1000 trying every brand I could find. None of them worked. I was a smoker for well over 40 years and got fed up with the smell and health issues. I can say truthfully since using 21 Century Smoking I do 5 to 7k runs once per week. My lung capacity has improved dynamically and my own doctor feels it is thanks to 21 Century Smoking.”

Shawndale in Ohio had a similar story. “I’ve tried 3 brands before this one, this is the best! I’ve also had great customer service and would like to thank you for that. I have a friend who bought another brand, they tasted awful and stunk. 2 have gone bad on her and the company refuses to do anything to help her. 21 Century Smoking is the best in E-cigs and customer support.”

Offer Details

In order to receive the free Blackjack Starter Kit, simply commit to the purchase of 8 boxes of cartridges over a 6 week span. Including shipping, the cost of these cartridges will be $125.96. This cost will be charged up front. The first 2 boxes will be sent with the kit, and then the cartridges will be sent every 2 weeks from the day of the original order. The flavor of cartridges, strength, and/or color can be adjusted at any time. The whole offer is the equivalent of nearly 70 packs of cigarettes! That is under $20 per carton! Keep in mind that this program can be cancelled at any time during the 6 weeks. An immediate refund will be issued upon return of the starter kit minus any cartridges and shipping costs.

After 2 weeks, the second shipment of 2 boxes of cartridges will ship out. If it turns out that the product is not a good fit during this 6 week timeframe, simply return the starter kit and receive a refund in the amount of any unshipped cartridges and shipping costs associated wtih those cartridges.

After the 6 week period, there will be no additional charges. In order to purchase additional cartridges following this 6 week period simply go to the company’s website or one of the 21 Century Smoking retail locations. Please understand that there will be no automatic charges after the initial purchase.

Any questions or comments should be directed to 21 Century Smoking’s customer service hotline at 888.PUFF.021 (888.783.3021).