24K Gold and Platinum Framed iPad Dock Now Available

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I just have to ask why? Seriously who would want something like this?


Striped Sail announces it has perfected the process of plating its flagship miFrame iPad charging stationin pure 24k Gold and Platinum for the iPad consumer with exceptional taste that requires a versatile iPad docking stand able to charge iPad in portrait and landscape mode.


The new 24k Gold and Platinum Limited Edition miFrame features a 24k Gold plated frame with Platinum plated glittering bevels and a Platinum plated base. The core of the frame and base are still aircraft grade aluminum, like the original product, so that the frame remains light and durable. Frames can be custom laser engraved for an additional $100.

Like previously released styles and colors, the new 24k Gold and Platinum miFrame can charge iPad with its built-in dock connector in both portrait and landscape orientations and it comes with an extended 5 foot USB cable so miFrame can be positioned in just the right place and still reach an electrical outlet.

The product has dual uses. It can hold an iPad upright in portrait or landscape while a user checks mail and surfs the web or displays a digital slideshow. Plus it is a beautiful and functional 8×10 picture frame with the highest quality acrylic capable of preventing UV fading damage to a picture from the sun.

“Pure gold has a unique luster considered attractive and precious all over the world,” remarks Chandler Maxvel, VP of Customer Experience.

Striped Sail introduced the first iPad Picture Frame Docking Station in 2010, when it announced the Enduring Silver anodized aluminum miFrame for the the first generation iPad. The model’s frame and base featured a finish that matched the look and feel of the back of iPad. Last summer, the company announced a new thinner and lighter design for the iPad 2 and added the Distinguished Black color option.

This summer, Striped Sail has focused on giving iPad customers more choices for framing their iPad while maintaining the miFrame’s iconic look. The company has already introduced a Rose Gold plated frame, made from real Rose Gold, a hand-rubbed Antique Copper plated frame that that makes a great accent piece in a kitchen or library, and most recently two ceramic glass frames themed for golfers and chefs.

“There is an exclusive class of iPad consumers that are drawn to the allure of precious metals. Those individuals now have the opportunity to dock their iPad into something that looks truly spectacular and stands apart in a class of its own,” remarks Maxvel. “Only miFrame gives you the confidence to make a FaceTime call with your granddaughter without the worry that your call ends short because of a low charge.”