Gaming on the Go

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The scene is a familiar one: you’re in the pub, and there’s a lull in the conversation. Once upon a time, this would mean having to just sit there, perhaps playing a not particularly interesting game on your phone. But with the technological excellence and innovation of the new generation of smartphones, these moments are a thing of the past., the gambling and gaming giant, has introduced Ladbrokes Casino as a free-to-download App for Android phones. What this means is that now, in those inevitable moments of downtime, you can open up the Ladbrokes App and instantly find a world of diversion at your fingertips. Fancy spinning it up on Blackjack while your mate gets the drinks in at the bar, or spinning the Roulette wheel while you wait for your boyfriend to get back from the toilet? With the Ladbrokes Mobile Casino App for Android, you now can. Perhaps you prefer games with a bit more sound and color – but if the fruit machine in the pub is taken, what do you do? With the Ladbrokes Mobile Casino App for Android, you load up one of their fabulous slot machines, from Ladbrokes Casino old favorites like Mermaid Millions, Ladies Nite and Tally Ho, to their excellent range of theme slots, like the Gotham-influenced The Dark Knight slot machine. And this doesn’t have to be simply a way to while away a few empty minutes; Ladbrokes Mobile Casino is creating some serious winners: on July 12th alone, The Dark Knight slot machine handed out £4,605 to Mick S and £5,093 to Michael S, while the day before, Simon B scooped an eye-watering £17,955 on the Mermaids Millions slot machine. Not a bad thing to tell your mate you’ve just done, when he gets back from the bar with the drinks!