METRO Electronic Cigarette Intros A Customizable Vaping Experience

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I’ve never tried these yet.. maybe I can get some for review?


With the aim of being the leading e-cigarette on the market, METRO Electronic Cigarette just announced that they have added five new products to their already extensive line of product accessories, all of which deliver a very customizable vaping experience. Stores were enthusiastic about the new products and began pre-ordering them as early as March, for release in mid-May, which only shows their confidence in the success of these new products.

METRO is proud to introduce their Re-Charge Pack. The Re-Charge Pack comes fully equipped with two rechargeable batteries and unlike other cases out there, this one has built-in foldaway prongs. The built-in foldaway prongs make for hassle-free charging – requiring no additional cables or parts to charge, just plug it directly into the wall. The Re-Charge Pack is also capable of holding up to three cartridges, one battery and one full size e-cig, at the same time. The rechargeable internal battery of this personal power case (PPC) allows you to charge while plugged in or on-the-go. METRO has also introduced an even more affordable version of this new PPC, called the Charge Pack. The Charge Pack also comes equipped with built-in foldaway prongs, but only one battery and does not come with an internal battery for on-the-go charging.

Some of the other products introduced, that have created a buzz, are the new Designer Packs – with three popular themes. The Chick Stick Designer Pack includes one pink and white themed, plastic secure-clasp case, one pink swirl rechargeable e-cigarette battery and one USB charger/adapter. The CAMO Designer Pack includes one camouflage themed, plastic secure-clasp case, one camo rechargeable battery and one USB charger/adapter. And last, but certainly not least, the Midnight Designer Pack, which includes one midnight blue and black themed, plastic secure-clasp case, one glossy black rechargeable battery and one USB charger/adapter.

All of these new packs offer a new way to enhance the vaping experience. With cartridges sold separately, they are completely customizable – the user is able to choose a flavor and strength of cartridge and not have to choose from predetermined packaged options. This is very beneficial for the retailer as well, since it ensures the movement of product on the shelves – with every pack sold, at least one package of cartridges will be sold in conjunction.

“We have experienced an extremely enthusiastic response to the Designer Packs & Re-Charge Pack since we announced their soon coming in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. Our customers had been asking on a weekly basis when they would be arriving,” says Jessica Miltier, Internet Marketing Specialist for METRO Electronic Cigarette. “Since the release they have been generating much more attention than we had anticipated. But that is definitely an added bonus!” finishes Miltier.

All the new METRO products are available in stores across the nation as well as available online a