Phillips Distilling Announces UV Chocolate Cake Vodka and UV Whipped Vodka

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-Phillips Distilling Company (Phillips), today introduces two new flavors to the UV Vodka family of spirits: UV Chocolate Cake and UV Whipped. With the addition of the new flavors, UV Vodka continues with successful innovation in the flavored vodka category.

UV Chocolate Cake is infused with the rich taste of German chocolate cake, while UV Whipped is light and fluffy with hints of crème chantilly and vanilla. Both vodkas are distilled four times and activated carbon filtered to ensure the highest level of purity and the perfect pH balance. Enjoy UV Chocolate Cake and UV Whipped neat or an indulgent dessert-flavored cocktail.

At the WSWA 69th Annual Convention & Exposition, UV Whipped was awarded the Double Gold Medal, the only flavored vodka to receive this honor in 2012. IMPACT! Magazine’s “Hot Brand” award winner for seven consecutive years, UV Vodka remains a popular staple in all establishments and liquor store shelves.

The new flavors are supported by national print and digital advertising, along with sponsorships at national music festivals such as South by Southwest, Coachella and Austin City Limits Music Festival. Fans can visit UV Vodka’s Facebook page to win festive UV Vodka swag and tickets to national music festivals throughout 2012.

Extending UV Vodka’s existing portfolio to 16 flavors, UV Chocolate Cake and UV Whipped launched nationwide in June 2012. Both are available in all bottle sizes with a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a .750ml bottle. UV Vodka flavors include Cake, Espresso, Sweet Green Tea, Coconut, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Vanilla, Grape, Apple, Citrus, Orange and Lemonade.

About Phillips Distilling Company
From a small distributor of candy and newspapers to becoming one of the most innovative and enduring distilled spirit companies in the U.S., Phillips Distilling Company has been producing high-quality products using the finest ingredients from around the globe for five generations. From America’s first schnapps in the 1930s, to flavored vodka in the 1950s, to flavored whiskey in the 2000s, Phillips has consistently been a pioneering company while operating as one of America’s last family-owned spirits businesses. The Phillips portfolio includes the UV Vodka line of flavored vodkas, Prairie Vodka, Trader Vic’s Rums, Liqueurs and Cocktails, Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky, Phillips Union Whiskey, SourPuss Liqueurs and Ice Hole Liqueurs. The company is based in Minneapolis.