The World’s first Invisible iPhone wallet

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The iLid MK-1 is here, it’s a case for your iPhone but it’s a wallet as well!


From shiny leather to old books, the iPhone wallet has seen many guises. Unfortunately most wallet cases are thick, bulky and unattractive behemoths. Struggling desperately to combine the functionality of the wallet with the sleek styling that made the iPhone popular.

Until now that is, with entrants like the iLID iPhone Wallet. Claiming to be the “World’s thinnest iPhone wallet” quickly gaining traction in a market crowded with old, chunky predecessors. Adam Norich the CEO of iLID said “This product has been one year in the making and we are planning to sell over half a million units worldwide by the end of 2012”.

The iLid iPhone wallet is the world’s first Invisible iPhone wallet. Made of a tough polycarbonate shell with a high quality soft touch finish, the iLid-mk1 is “everything you need and nothing you don’t”.

Easily attaching to the back of your iPhone 4 and 4s, and impossibly thin at a sleek 17 mms thin. The iLid-mk1 iPhone wallet has been thoughtfully styled to remain invisible so as to not give away its true nature. With inbuilt reinforced hinges, refined clasp and fluted lid this design is the new benchmark for iphone wallets.

With a surprising capacity, holding three cards, money clip and space for a house key or SD card. This iphone wallet does away with unnecessary clutter, allowing the user to streamline their everyday carry.

With the additional benefit of using the lid as a kickstand for watching videos, this iphone case covers all bases.

The iLid-mk1 is the ideal iPhone wallet for people on the go. From early morning walks to nights out with friends, it is the ultimate case for accessorising your iPhone and streamlining your pockets.

You can find your iLID wallet here: