Ginseng Flavored E-Cigs Now Available from Solar Cigarettes

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Meh.. regular menthol is just fine…


Electronic cigarette has already helped many with their smoking habit. With the use of the device, heavy tobacco smokers were able to make their puffing mild. Some were even able to quit the habit completely. However, SolarCigarette believes that smoking, with the use of ecig can still be made much healthier than it already is. And so, it created cartridges packed with flavors and health benefits.

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Regular cigarettes are termed by many as cancer sticks. It is for the known reason that the habit is a major risk factor on the development of many types of cancer. Apart from that, it was also proven to cause a number of chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Basically, real cigarettes are harmful to health because of the tobacco they contain. Tobacco, when burned, releases carcinogens which, needless to say, are the elements that cause cancers. In addition, the carcinogens released by tobacco can mix with the carcinogens in the air that can lead to elevated pulmonary illnesses.

But because smokeless cigarettes do not use tobacco, they present no risk of causing tobacco-related diseases. And since they produce no smoke, others are protected from second-hand smoking.

However, even in the absence of tobacco, electronic cigarettes can still deliver the same smoking sensation with real cigs. Some ecig companies were even able to make smoking much more enjoyable with the use of the gadget.

Solar Cigarette is one of those companies that were able to make the habit a unique experience for its clients. It does so not just by infusing various flavors to its Solar Cigarette cartridges but also by imbuing health benefits to them.

There are three groups of tasteful cartridges that the company offers. The first one is the “Bold and Classic” set. This is the group of cartridges flavored with the traditional tastes of cigarettes. The next set is the “Sweet and Seductive.” As the class term implies, cartridges under this group are sweet and fruity. The third cartridge group is the “Fountain of Youth.” In this set is where the healthy cartridges belong.

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Apart from the fact that Solar Cigarette also helps lose weight, the healthy cartridges the company has to offer are some of the other major things that make the use of its device unique. With the “Fountain of Youth” cartridges, ecig smoking delivers more health benefits.

For example, the Ginseng Cartridge Pack when used can help reduce stress, improve performance, boost energy levels, enhance memory and stimulate the immune system. And because of those specific positive effects, the company highly recommends the product to moms who want kick smoking or transform it into a much healthier habit.

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