Cloud9 Vaping Launches Innokin iTaste VV Starter Kit

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Cloud9 Vaping newly launches Innokin iTaste VV starter kit. The iTaste VV is the newest luxury electronic cigarette from Innokin, featuring a pass-through battery with variable voltage function and changeable tank atomizer heads for a simple and cost-effective personal vaporizer which puts the user in control.

The kit is built around a high capacity 800mAh Li-ion battery which doubles up as a pass-through so users can use it whilst it’s charging. The voltage is selectable by the user from between 3.3-5.0V to enable complete customization of the vaping experience, whilst an internal protection mechanism kicks in and lowers the voltage supplied if it’s been set at too high a level for the atomizer to deal with.

The iTaste features 3-click protection so that it can be switched off to prevent accidental activation when carrying in pockets and bags and has a secure cap with “pen-clip” for storage and portability.

Features in Brief:

•Luxury Variable Voltage Tank style e-cig
•800mAh Variable Voltage Pass-through battery (v2 model)
•3-click ON/OFF deactivation capability
•Short circuit protection and 10 second cut-off
•Changeable atomizer head system
•Protective cap with “pen-clip” for hygiene portability
•Magnetic connection technology
The Innokin iTaste VV Battery is convertable to other connection types by means of separately available magnet connectors

See more details of Innokin iTaste VV:

Each Innokin iTaste VV starter kit comprises:

•1 x Innokin iTaste VV 800mAh Pass-through Battery
•1 x Innokin iTaste atomizer holder
•2 x Innokin iTaste 2.6Ω atomizer heads
•2 x Innokin iTaste 3.2Ω atomizer heads
•1 x Innokin iTaste USB charger cable
•6 x Innokin iTaste empty tank cartridges
•User manual
•Gift box packaging