Show Dad a Better Smoking Choice for Father’s Day

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Here’s a different kind of Father’s Day gift?!


Stumped on what gift to give this Father’s Day? Well, why not give dad a practical gift instead of his 100th tie, 17th mug or another tool to add to his collection? This year give dad a South Beach electronic cigarette. It is the perfect gift for any father who smokes, and is trying to turn to a healthier lifestyle.

South Beach Smoke is an electronic cigarette, with the same look and feel as a traditional cigarette, except without all the harmful chemicals. This means, no carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tobacco, tar or ash. Smokers enjoy doses of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale a water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, providing a physical sensation and flavor similar to inhaled tobacco smoke, making this the perfect Father’s Day gift for any smoker.

With a variety of electronic cigarette starter kits, accessories and flavored cartridges, South Beach Smoke is a one-stop shop to start dad in the direction towards a healthier lifestyle. For a limited time only, South Beach Smoke is offering 15 percent off of all starter kits. The starter kits come fully equipped with everything one would need to switch over to better smoking choice.

South Beach Smoke’s Starter Kits start as low as $29.99 on its website. The best choice for dad would be the Deluxe Starter Kit Premium Kit, built with a 2-part technology (battery component, and combined atomizer/cartridge), and leads the industry with the best smoking experience when smoking an e-cig. Included in the kit: a deluxe electronic lithium ion high-capacity battery, a wall charger and five large nicotine cartridges – your choice of strength and flavor. Each cartridge is equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes.

Released in mid-May, South Beach Smoke added five new flavors to its already remarkable list of great-tasting flavored cartridges. Customers can choose from the highly recommended new flavors of Peach, Piña Colada, Peppermint, Tobacco Blue and Tobacco Gold, as well as the delicious originals including: Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, Chocolate and of course – Tobacco. South Beach Smoke also offers the choice of choosing various strength options for heavy, light and medium smokers.

Continuously growing in popularity, electronic cigarettes are becoming the go-to option for celebrities trying to wean away from traditional cigarettes. The added benefits that an electronic cigarette gives an individual are endless. South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarette gives one the option to smoke anywhere. The product leaves no bad breath, yellow teeth or lingering smells. All these additional benefits really put this gift at the top of any Father’s Day list.

As a leading provider of electronic cigarettes, and consistently ranked #1 on numerous review sites, South Beach Smoke’s products are high-quality, affordable, and customer service is a top priority. For more information about purchasing a starter kit, visit