Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup!

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Our friend at Mobile Fun have news for you, they’ve got plenty of new products and a contest for Samsung Galaxy S III owners!


if you’re lucky enough to have an SIII in your hands you might want to head over to our Facebook and show it off… there’s a prize in it for you!



Right into the news – I’ll kick off with the Nokia Lumia 900 unlocked….. We now have this handset in stock and it looks like a great choice.  4.3″ AMOLED Display so not as big as the SIII’s, combined with an 8MP camera and 1.4GHz processor, the Lumia 900 blazes through apps and tasks with ease and is the perfect solution for those who want a smartphone which isn’t too big but is still great for gaming and streaming media. 


Now onto the mighty Galaxy SIII – as you heard earlier in the week the Pebble Blue version of the handset has been delayed, but we’re trying to look on the positive side of this – it just gives Blue SIII owners more time to stock up on accessories before the handset arrives! 

As you know we like to be the first for everything so earlier in the week Chris made videos of some of the official Samsung Galaxy SIII cases – you have have a nose at them here, we’ve updated a lot of images on the site to feature the cases with the actual SIII in now too. However after filming the video about the Official Mesh vent case we found a little secret trick you can do with the case – a hidden feature……



We’ve also sourced a bunch of Angry Birds cases for the SIII, which we’re expecting in stock in the next week or two – fingers crossed.  These are pretty cool, nice and bright and bold, so protect the SIII whilst showing your allegiance to the Angry Birds!  The Red Bird, Black Bird and Space Laser Bird are the cases we’ve sourced – all add massive amounts of character to the handset and are the perfect gift for Angry Birds fans.



The final SIII accessory for this week is the Connection Kit – this nifty little contraption allows you to connect a USB, microUSB, SD and microSD cards to the SIII.  It also allows you to sync and charge the SIII too.  This is great for file transfers and streaming media without taking up any memory on the handset itself.  The great thing about the USB port is that not only can it be used for charging and syncing but you can connect a mouse or keyboard with it, for that extra ease when using the SIII, especially for typing.  A really clever accessory for those who use a lot of files.


My final accessory for this week is the Phantomus Kiddy Stylus – I know a three year old who loves to play on the iPad (she’s a whizz at Tap the Frog 2!), so this stylus would be perfect for her.  It’s chunky to help with grip and increases accuracy as well as helping to keep the screen free from mucky fingerprints. This stylus is great for making mobiles and tablets learning devices for the little ones as well as a place to play games.