May 31st is World No Tobacco Day

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Yep, I should quit…


May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. Smoking actually is a socially acceptable form of substance abuse that causes more deaths than more vilified ones like alcohol, cocaine, crystal meth and other recreational drugs. Cigarettes contain over a dozen carcinogens and 1 out of every 3 cancer-related deaths is caused due to use of tobacco products. Smokers even whilst accepting the hazardous effects of smoking simply don’t have the will power or gumption to quit. There are various smoking cessation methods that help smokers quit including nicotine patches, gums and e-cigarettes where the underlying principle is to give addicts the nicotine “kick” without the harmful carcinogens found in tobacco. The most popular one is the SMOKEFREE electronic cigarette or the E-cig.

What’s in a SMOKEFREE e-cig?

The SMOKEFREE e-cig basically consists of three parts: Cartridge, Atomizer and battery. The cartridge’s a mouthpiece (like a cigarette’s butt) that usually holds the liquid that is to be vaporized. The atomizer serves as a heating element and vaporizes the liquid and each of them contains a battery. A SMOKEFREE e-cigarette produces nicotine infused vapor and though it looks like smoke is actually atomized air. SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette’s come in Infused flavors like vanilla, chocolate, as well as tobacco flavors like Tobacco, Cigar Etc.