Vape Escape Launches New PCC Kit Innokin AIO

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New E-Cigs!!!


Vape Escape is a UK based one-stop-shop for vaping devices, its newly launched PCC electronic cigarette Innokin AIO is in hot sale.

Innokin AIO kit is absolutely the most popular PCC e cigarette on the market, which can be found on the catalog of “PCC Kits” on almost all e cigarette stores.

Main Features of AIO Kit:
Deluxe appearance and exquisite design
Powerful charging function, AIO can recharge the battery when it’s in the case
Longest lasting lithium-polymer batteries for long time vaping
Built-in atomizer & cartridge to produce maximum vapor
LED power capacity indicator to tell power left
PCC compatible to 95% regular ecig batteries
Mobile power supply as immediate use for phone

The Innokin AIO Kit is a multi function kit that not only acts as a portable charging case, it also comes with multi adapter cable allowing users to charge other devices with it, such as mobile phones and PDA’s.

The case takes a standard 510 battery and also has storage space for 3 cartomizers. Just charge the kit before leaving, vapers can use the e-cig whenever they desire and then pop it back in the case to re-charge.

The Kit comes with a 510 battery and 3 empty cartomizers to get users started and the video below shows the best way of initially filling the cartomizers.

Vapers can use any 510 compatible cartomizers (such as the Innokin, Boge or Kanger available from the links below) and spare Innokin 510 batteries (black and white) are available in the Batteries Section.

The PCC has an LED panel on the front to highlight the charge status of the unit and it comes with an inbuilt 1020mah battery. The only thing users would need to add is some e-liquid from the wide range.

The Innokin AIO will ensure that the battery is charged and ready for use at all times. Innokin AIO can store 3 tanks. Innokin currently offers 4 AIO PCC e cigarettes: AIO 510 e cigarette, AIO KR808D-1 e cigarette, AIO 510-T e cigarette, AIO noble e cigarette. There are currently 6 colors available for Innokin AIO: Black, blue, silver, pink, red and white.