Mobile Fun Weekly Round Up: Galaxy S3 news, HTC One X cases and the BIG Jambox

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Yep it’s another week and that means it’s time for the update of new stuff from our friends at Mobile Fun.


So I’m sure you heard and read this week that the Official Samsung Galaxy SIII Wireless Charging Dock won’t be released until September.  No one’s 100% sure why but I guess it’s pretty similar to what happened with the Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories as they took a while to be released.  As I said earlier in the week we’re trying really hard to source an unofficial dock and I’ll let you know if and when we do 🙂

That’s the bad S3 news over, so here’s to the good news – the release of the handset is less than three weeks away and we’ve got some really cool Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories sourced and we’re hoping will be in stock ready for the release!

One of my favourites is the Ultimate Pack for SIII – I find you can’t go wrong with it – it has 6 must have accessories featured and is the perfect starter kit for the S3.  In the pack you get a Flexishield cover, portable stand, metal desk stand, in-car charger, car holder and screen protector – everything you need to get going.



We’ve also sourced some rather stylish Belkin Samsung Galaxy SIII cases – my favourite one being the Fade case which is two-tone and really protective. We’ve got it in red and black, so it adds a splash of colour to the case and doesn’t add any bulk either – win, win in my eyes. Designed for the SIII, the case contains all the cut-outs for ports and features too so the SIII remains functioning at all times in the case.


Over to the HTC One X now (by the way I hope you’ve entered our One X giveaway!), we’ve received stock this week of the Official HTC Hard Case styles in blue, white, grey and orange.  These cases are the ones that work with the Official Charging and Speaker Dock, meaning you don’t have to remove them to use the dock – which makes a change.

The cases are nice and bright, highly protective and have a pretty cool vent design, which could help to keep the handset cooler – plus they’re under £20 🙂




We’ve also sourced a case for the HTC One X from Ballistic – the Ballistic Shell Case is a little similar to an Otterbox in that it has three layers of protection and is highly protective to the handset.  It doesn’t have a screen protector though which some Otterbox styles have, however it prides itself on adding grip to the One X so that you’re less likely to drop it.



We don’t have this case in stock yet but Will’s done a video of all the One X cases we do have in stock and why they’re good – so take a nose at that.

Finally, following on from the success of the Jawbone Jambox, we’re going to be selling the Jawbone BIG Jambox – it claims to be bigger and better than the original Jambox, providing even richer and more powerful sound.  It’s still highly portable though and like the original Jambox gets better with time as it can be updated through your PC.  You can use the BIG Jambox for conference calls too with its built in mic and speaker so it’s great for office use as well as calls at home.