Everybody Was Playing Online Bingo

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I pictured that heading sung to to the music of “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting”. What’s the point of a post about online bingo you might ask? Well it’s just to link to the site and back to my site pretty much I think. You can go here OnlineBingo.com (sign up now) to check it out and read my post about how the show NCIS featured a thing about bingo. How they worked online bingo into an NCIS episode is beyond me, but hey I’m not a writer for the show. Seriously though who comes up with putting something about online bingo gaming into an episode of NCIS? It really looked out of place there. Sort of like this would:

online bingo

Doesn’t that just look out of place? That’s kind of the way it was on the show, you’re watching and pow there it is. I mean really? Why? It was almost like they were promoting it?! No they couldn’t be doing that could they? A big mega corporation like CBS promoting something like bingo? Then again they just might be running out of interesting stuff to write about. I was reading something about how the actors are getting bored with the show. I like it personally, I also watch NCIS:LA as well which I like too, not sure which one I like better though. I’ve looked around and it seems the show is coming back for another season which is good to hear, at least I think it is.

I’m just bored, posting about random stuff, why not it’s my site and I can do what I want. Sort of like take my balls and go home and not let anyone else play online bingo! That analogy doesn’t work well does it? Really though I think I need to go and get some work done, go a lot of reviews to do for this site and my other sites.