Premium Carbon Fiber Design Rubberized Shield Hard Case Cover for HTC Titan Review

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When is premium not premium? I like to check out Amazon for deals and many times you can find decent ones, especially on phone accessories, but there are times when it’s just not worth it and you should just buy a name brand. I got an HTC Titan and needed a case so I grabbed a cheap one, yeah that was a mistake. I like the look of carbon fiber so I found a hard plastic case that had a carbon fiber design and ordered it. It’s not what I expected at all and it doesn’t look like the picture the seller has of the case on Amazon. So read on to check it out, but don’t buy it please…


Product Name: Premium Carbon Fiber Design Rubberized Shield Hard Case Cover for HTC Titan

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: Review the Tech

Price: $4.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

Premium Carbon Fiber Design cover case for the AT&T HTC Titan X310E. The case is made of hard plastic with a rubberized coating on the exterior. Provides excellent protection from damage due to high impact falls. The case comes in 2 pieces and snap to the back and front of phone. The case is 100% brand new and sealed. It is built with premium quality materials and has a sturdy feel. It is not cheap and flimsy like other cheap phone accessories. The case is not an OEM product from HTC or AT&T directly, but rest assured it is manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  Case is manufactured for the HTC Titan X310E offered on the AT&T network.

-Carbon Fiber design premium case with a rubberized coating on exterior.
-Comes in two plastic pieces that easily clip on the back and front of phone
-Protects phone from damage due to high impact falls
-Case is built with premium quality materials and manufactured for the HTC Titan X310E on the AT&T network.

The Review::

The case comes in a plastic bag with a styrofoam insert, nothing special really.



The case is pre-assembled so you’ll have to take it apart of course.



The first thing I noticed is that it does not look like carbon fiber, at least to me it doesn’t. it looks like a checker board pattern really. The color is off as well, the picture on Amazon shows it being darker and this is more black and white or light gray really. The second thing I noticed is that it’s not rubberized, or their definition or rubberized is different than mine. It’s just plastic, I don’t see any ‘rubber’ on there at all.



There’s the case taken apart, there’s a top and bottom section. Getting it apart is a challenge, it’s held tightly together and honestly I was afraid to break it as it doesn’t exactly feel well made.




So here’s my Titan with the case pieces:



Getting the case on is tricky, it fits very tightly and you’ve really got to force it closed and then it doesn’t seem to line up right so you’ve got to keep forcing it until it snaps. Overall it was very hard to get on my phone.




Here’s a few more views of the back so you can see how it’s cut out around the camera and ports:

carbon9 carbon10 carbon11 


Here’s a closer view around the camera, flash and speaker. In the ad on Amazon the case isn’t cut out like this, it fits around these things, but the case I got is not like the one in the ad.



Here’s the top on the front, it’s cut out around the camera and speaker and as you can see it adds quite a bit to the thickness of the phone.



Here’s the top and bottom, the ports and buttons are accessible but as you can see the case really isn’t closed fully. I tired and tried and it just won’t close all the way, there are gaps there.




Then here’s the side views for you, yes the ports and buttons are accessible.

carbon13 carbon14

I should mention that the case is damn near impossible to get off of the phone once it’s on, it took me about 10 minutes seriously to get it off.

I have a couple docks as well for my Titan and I can’t use them now with the case on.

The case adds more bulk to the Titan, it makes it thicker, wider and taller.

So here’s the picture from the posting on Amazon, that’s not the same case I got obviously. The colors are different and the back with camera, flash and speaker is different as well. The one I got is much lighter in color, more black and white and the entire back is cut out. That’s what I get for trying to save a few dollars right?!



So yeah this is not a good case at all. It doesn’t look like the picture and it doesn’t fit the phone correctly, there’s gaps in the top and bottom. You cannot use a dock with the case on, and it’s near impossible to get the case off of the phone once it’s on. The case is not easy to get on the phone either and it’s not ‘rubberized’ like the description says it is.

Stay away from this one and spend a few extra dollars and get a name brand case for your phone, it’ll be worth it in the long run I think.




+Unimpeded access to buttons and ports
+Should offer good protection
+Fit to phone very tightly
-Doesn’t look like carbon fiber to me
-Can’t put phone in dock with case on
-Not what I can rubberized
-Adds bulk to phone
-Extremely difficult to take off

Overall: score-5-10
Aesthetic: score-5-10
Value / Price: score-8-10
Build Quality: score-5-10
Usability: score-5-10

Disclosure:This product was given to Review the Tech for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review, we do not, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products. This product may have also been bought by us for review purposes and does not influence the review.