Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup – HTC One S, Nokia 808 PureView, the OneCable, SmartTags and Galaxy Nexus HDMI Dock

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Another week has gone by and that means more news from our friends at Mobile Fun..


There’s two major handsets to give you news on this week…. the first is the Sim Free HTC One S, one of HTC’s three monster handsets they’re releasing.  Basically we have this phone in stock now and it costs £419.95.  Looks like a really cool handset though with built in ICS, HTC Sense 4.0, Beats Audio, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera and 4.3″HD display – everything you need!


The second handset to tell you about is the Sim Free Nokia 808 PureView – for this we have a release date of 7th May and a price of £539.95.  Seems we were the first company to announce our release date and price as the story was picked up by a few biggies – we even got on TechRadar 🙂 The 808 PureView is the handset with the big camera – 41MP to be exact – thankfully the handset still looks nice with the monster camera but it has all the other features to back it up too – 4″ Gorilla Glass display, 1.5GHz processor, 16GB storage and so on….. I’m really looking forward to seeing this handset in use and just how good the images are



This next product is something we’re a little excited about and think everyone will love as it’s something that a lot of us actually need – the OneCable Sync and Charge Cable is unlike any other cable as it has three connectors so works with practically any phone or gadget!  It’s a USB cable at heart but has an Apple, MiniUSB and MicroUSB connectors on the other end, which are easy to switch between with one hand – so you can flip between charging your iPod and Android easily.  I’ve been using it for a few days and my thoughts can be seen here


Another cool product we’ve got in stock now is the Sony NFC SmartTags – they work with any NFC phone and help make life a little bit easier.  You get 4 tags in a pack and you can program them to silence your phone, launch an app or anything.  To use them simply wave your phone in front of the tag and job done, settings changed.  We’re selling these for £16.95 and we’ll have the Sony Smartwatch back in stock soon too – they’ll make the perfect pair 🙂




Finally this is one for Nexus users – we’ve got the Official Samsung Galaxy Nexus Desktop HDMI Dock coming into stock today – woohoo.  This is the official Samsung gorgeous little dock which allows you to use the included HDMI port to stream media straight to your TV – pretty nifty.  It means you can show off your photographic skills and directorial skills to your friends and family on the big screen……  This bad boy is £39.99