e-cigarette.com Launches New Electronic Cigars

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Electronic cigars.. not the same as the real thing for sure.. but not bad, I’ve tried them, not this brand though..



Electronic cigar is a great alternative to regular cigar. In order to meet the demands of more vapers, New-e-cigarette.com launches new electronic cigars, including rechargeable electronic cigar starter kit and disposable electronic cigar starter kit. The disposable electronic cigar replicates a traditional cigar in appearance and feels as if you’re truly smoking a traditional cigar without the smoke or tar.

Electronic cigars have a several advantages compared with ordinary electronic cigarette:

1.701 contour designs is a fake cigar. Give people a symbol of honor
2. A large amount of smoke, good quality, not easy to bad
3. There will be a very large amount of smoke even when people smoke gently, which gives people have a very comfortable feeling
4. Structure is more humane

New-e-cigarette.com rechargeable electronic cigar starter kit features
1. With a dual-lamp light indicator (red light means working condition, green light means alarm state).
2. Install batteries, green light flashes once, said power on, go on standby…
3. Smoking red light turns on; stop smoking red light quench, go on standby
4. The LED light flashes continuously when the battery voltage falls below 3.4v, indicating a low voltage alarm, replace the battery
5. Flow, sensitivity in the sense that the same with the smoke of ordinary cigarettes.
6. Green light turns on when fully charged or in no-load, red light in the charging state. The charger output voltage is between 4.18 ~ 4.35V.

Content of Rechargeable electronic cigar starter kits:
1. Battery (10440) 2PCS
2. Inhaler 2PCS
3. European standard charger 1PCS
4. Atomizing Device 1PCS
5. Instruction manual 1PCS
6. Qualification 1PCS
7. Gift box 1PCS
8. Cartridges: high medium low 1PC EACH (Several optional packages)

Disposable electronic cigar features
1. Green products, Smoke anytime, anywhere, not banned
2. Lower cost than traditional smoking
3. Virtually odorless, tastes similar to tobacco
4. No harm of first or second-hand smoke
5. Won’t stain teeth or damage skin
6. No tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic or other carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes
7. Easy to use, convenient (doesn’t require matches, lighters or ignition)
8. Available in multiple flavors and nicotine strengths.