e-cigarette.com Launches eGo-w E Cigarette

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eGo-w…  interesting name..



New-e-cigarette.com launches eGo-w e cigarette with new tank system. The eGo-w is a new eGo tank style e-cigarette on the market. This kit is called eGo-w, which is the latest version of eGo series e-cigarette with a window to see the liquid. Unlike some of the previous eGo electronic cigarettes, this model is very different on the concept.

The main attraction of the eGo-W is the cartomizer. It’s basically a two-piece design with the inner cart and the outer shell. The inner cart is a CE2 style clearomizer with a 2ml capacity. Rather than being slender and tall, it looks sort of squat and fat.

The outer shell is a simple metal sleeve with two long view ports on either side. The shell simply slides over the clear cart after it’s attached to the battery. Unlike similar setups, users have to use the shell, because the whistle tips attach to the shell, not the cartomizer.

There is very little space between the top of the clear tube and the inner gasket (there is no outer gasket in this design). Because of this short gap, it’s unlikely the addition of an eGo drip tip would allow people to use the cartomizer naked. While on the subject of the included drip tip, as is the trend lately, it’s an oddball size, so users won’t be able to use your favorite tip without some modding.

Finally, there is one last somewhat unusual aspect to the W cartomizers. They’re not 510 compatible, they’re only eGo compatible. Unlike most large eGo cartomizer and atomizers that feature threading on the battery connector itself, the W cartomizer uses the cone threading on a standard eGo battery. Therefore, this thing is only going to work on eGo style batteries.

The new eGo-w is the latest advancement in the eGo electronic cigarette series; it is an elegant version of eGo series e-cigarettes with a window to see the liquid. The eGo-w electronic cigarette has a new design to resemble a Pen and special Cartomizer tank system that holds 2ml of e-Liquid. The eGo-w cartomizer is refillable.

The eGo-w starter kit comes with:
2pc eGo-w cartomizers (complete with slip cover and pen cap)
2pc 1100 mAh Manual Batteries
1pc USB Charger
1pc USB Wall Adapter
1pc Refill Syringe 3cc
1pc 10ml e-Liquid
1pc Instruction Manual