PlayStation Home Set to Launch Three New Freemium Titles and More

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Coming today is the first free game called Cutthroats: Battle for Black Power Cove, then two more are scheduled for Spring and Summer release.



– Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced a planned rollout of one of the deepest and most immersive genre-based freemium games for PlayStation┬«Home, the company’s social games platform. These new titles, including a team-based 3rd-person shooter and a fantasy-themed multiplayer role-playing game, will further expand PS Home’s new core experience, which first launched in November of 2011 with new games and genre-based districts.

Releasing now through the Spring months and into Summer, these new offerings will help showcase the ability for PS Home’s developers to create experiences on the platform that are unmatched in the social games space using the latest development tools available, most notably with the post-apocalyptic shooterNo Man’s Land, created by UK-based development house VEEMEE. The titles will be released starting today, and include:

  • Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove: Offering the biggest multiplayer experience in PS Home thus far, Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove allows up to 24 gamers to battle aboard pirate ships as both ship captains and gunners, attempting to take down their opponents’ ships. Utilizing a freemium game model, Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove is completely free-to-play, though users wishing to expand their ship’s offenses can purchase coins to use for upgrades. (Release Date: March 28)
  • No Man’s Land: Arguably PS Home’s most ambitious title yet, No Man’s Land offers gamers the most advanced shooter experience the platform has ever seen. The game’s unique cover-based mechanics were designed to take full advantage of the platform’s technology. Players utilize a grid interface to sprint from cover to cover, popping up to take out opponents at every turn. The game offers a traditional “Team Deathmatch” mode, as well as a cooperative mode where salvage must be delivered back to the team’s depots, while fighting to stay alive in the process. (Release Date: Spring 2012)
  • Mercia: Developed by Lockwood Publishing, PS Home’s first multiplayer role-playing title transports players into a fantasyl world of treacherous dungeons, magic spells, and a plethora of weapons and enemies. Mercia invites players to traverse a number of enemy-filled dungeons, and for the first time in PS Home’s history, the game continually streams new content, leading to zero load times while playing. Mercia also utilizes a number of RPG mainstays such as crafting, upgrading, and resource management, giving gamers the deepest RPG experience available on the platform. (Release Date: Summer 2012)

“These new titles are delivering on the promise we made to the PlayStation Home community when we first launched the new core experience in November of last year, offering a variety of genre-based games to suit every gamer’s preference,” said Chris Mahoney, Senior Business Manager of PlayStation Home, SCEA. “We’re bringing gamers the kind of experiences they expect from these genres with the social elements that are only available through PlayStation Home.”

Along with these three new titles, PS Home is also launching a new district for gamers to explore:

  • Adventure District: Transporting gamers to a lush jungle island, the Adventure District offers a number of tropical vistas to explore, including an ancient temple, a sweeping coastal shoreline and a beachfront bar. This brand new district also serves as the launch point for new PS Home titleCutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove. Gamers can also head to the cannon situated on the beach for some target practice, which helps prepare gamers for some intense seafaring battles.

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