Innokin releases new disposable electronic cigarette

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Innokin again.. hmm I may have to try these..




Innokin, the premier self-developed electronic cigarette manufacturer, releases new disposable electronic cigarette; vapers can get Innokin disposable ecig wholesale at a competitive price.

Innokin disposable e cigarettes use the advanced batteries which last for at least 400 inhales when fully charged, equal to 40 regular filter tobacco cigarettes. This micro disposable electronic cigarette is also equipped with a micro switch, which is easy to use and requires no charging.

Innokin disposable e cigs are ideal for those smokers who are always on the go and are perfect for trying the concept of an electronic cigarette at an affordable price to test how well they really work.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Innokin disposable e cigarette.

The disposable electronic cigarette is a one piece electronic cigarette with the battery, atomizer, and liquid inside. Users can puff on it like a regular cigarette and then throw it out.

The major advantage of the disposable electronic cigarette, in addition to being easy to obtain, is that it is easy to use. Users don’t have to refill a thing. Just throw it out and buy a new one. Users can buy a few during one trip and not have to ever run out for cigarettes.

Users won’t have to be involved with touching the liquid nicotine either, which can be messy and dangerous if not properly used. The liquid spills easily from bottles. It is very concentrated and can be harmful to a child or even and adult in a large amount.

What’s more, Innokin disposable ecigs do not contain harmful substances that are in traditional cigarette, such as tar or carbon monoxide. Best of all, there is no real smoke, just Steam. Users are free to vapor this new disposable electric cigarette in the favorite nightclub, restaurant, or shopping center, etc.

The major disadvantages of disposable electronic cigarettes are the cost. User only saves a small amount of money on these products. Usually, users can save about $5 or $10 a week. This really isn’t that much though, so many people don’t tend to see the point of making the switch to this method from conventional cigarettes or cigars.

With the Innokin disposable electronic cigarette, there is no need to charge the battery or replace dirty and used cartridges like a traditional electronic cigarette. Innokin disposable offers up to 400 powerful puffs per cigarette, once battery is dead, just open up another, dispose of the old one and start puffing again.