Innokin launches Super Slim Pen Style E Cigarette

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And more E-Cig news…  I need to get some of these to review I think.. I‘ve tried others but I’m always up for something new until I find one that I like..



With so many electronic cigarettes streaming into the market, vapers begin to seek for varied electronic cigarettes with different designs and functions. More and more vapers expect new personal vaporizer that is easier to use and more convenient to carry, which means that electronic vaporizer cigarette are tending to be minimized. In order to meet the new demands of different vapers, Innokin launches super slim pen style electronic cigarette Innokin Pen Tank. Innokin Pen Tank comes with 4 colors: Matte black, Glossy black, Barbera red and white.

The Innokin PEN Tank is a classic pen style electronic cigarette with elegant shape and super slim size, full of fashion and nobility, representing the new fashion in electronic cigarette market. Innokin Pen Tank cartridges will hold 1.1ml of e juice and are easy to fill directly from e liquid bottle. Its Silicone cap is easily removed and goes back on flawlessly preventing any leaking.

This pen style electronic cigarette is an ideal e smoking device for a long travel. Innokin Pen Tank is a fantastic e smoking tool that allows users to eliminate boredom and drowsiness along the way. Its cover keeps it clean and sealed, preventing leaking and soiling.

The super slim e cigarette Innokin Pen Tank is a perfect starter set for those who prefer the pen style over the mini. It comes with everything necessary including a free pack of cartridges to get started right away. As with all electronic cigarettes, this mini style e cig is free of harmful tar, carbon monoxide and cancer causing substances.

Innokin Pen Tank E-Cigarette Starter Kit (Gift box) comes with the follows:
2x Pen tank battery (280 mAh Polymer Li-Ion Rechargeable)
1 x Pen tank atomizer with empty tank
1 x five-pack empty tank refillable cartridges
1x USB A/C Power charger adaptor
1 x USB charger
1x Instruction manual