Beachside Vapors Announces the BSV V-GO Electronic Cigarette

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Wow.. there’s just too many companies out there now for E-Cigs.. and like most everything else there’s really no standards is there?! By that I mean as far as parts and how things works, everything seems proprietary…


Florida-based Beachside Vapors is trying to educate consumers on the health and cost benefits of “vaping”, an alternative to smoking tar-laden cigarettes.
According to BeachSide Vapors, located in Melbourne, FL, the BSV V-GO E-Cigarette is the most popular and most advanced product of its kind available today. It has a long battery life, allowing consumers to use it without having to constantly worry about recharging it or carrying a charger around. BSV-Cigs are a tar-free way to enjoy smoking without smoking. It is called Vaping because what is breathed in and exhaled is similar to water vapor. Jake Busse, owner of Beachside Vapors says that the BSV V-GO vapor production is state-of-the art, creates the cheapest and most efficient vaporization possible, and it has a full flavor. Consumers can choose from many different flavors, including clove, menthol, Dr. Pepper, and grape.
Busse explains that the E-Cig vaporizes nicotine instead of the harmful process of combustion which releases carcinogens. Smoking tobacco releases thousands of chemicals, many of them scientifically proven to cause cancer. By vaporizing pure nicotine, E-Cig smokers don’t need to create smoke, so smokers of the E-Cig ingest the chemical in a safe vaporous form, without the harmful side-affects associated with combustion.
The BeachSide Vapors V-GO E-Cig also saves money over regular cigarettes according to Busse. With the cost of a pack of cigarettes exceeding $10.00 in some states, the cost of smoking cigarettes has escalated to the point where it is no longer affordable. Buying electronic cigarette cartridges, especially in bulk, can help reduce that expense considerably.
Smokers of the E-Cig experience an improved health and way of life according to Busse. “Frequently, consumers no longer have to go outside to smoke” says Busse. “The electronic cigarette does not have the same bad smells that many people associate with cigarettes, and it is not harmful to those around you. Many establishments recognize the difference between regular cigarettes and electronic ones, and you will often find that you are allowed to enjoy your vapor inside without any trouble.” “Your teeth will be whiter, and your friends and family won’t be complaining about your smokers’ breath anymore” added Busse.
The BSV V-GO is easy to use, and is similar to a cigarette, so it satisfies smoking cravings without the negative side-affects. Above all, you will have the most positive smoking experience possible, because you will know that you are enjoying it in a way that is much less harmful than a traditional cigarette” says Busse.

About the company:
Founded in 2009, Beachside Vapors is a leading distributor of the electronic cigarette for the state of Florida.

Beachside Vapors distributes all brands of E-cigarettes and is a one stop shop for all E-cigarette needs. They offer great savings for distributors and consumers. They maintain a comprehensive brand and accessories inventory in their online store.

Consumers are encouraged to call and speak directly with one of their account representatives. They supply single sales and bulk quantities. Their offices are located in Melbourne Florida, and they service the entire United States and Canada. Their warehouse phone number is: (321) 302-3434 and their email address is Sales(at)beachsidevapors(dot)com. See their directory listing at