Innokin Prepares 4 New-Model E Cigarettes

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As the electronic cigarettes are accepted by more and more people as healthier alternatives to smoking, more and more e cigarette stores come before the eyes of e-smokers. Faced with thousands of rivals from the Internet, many ecig stores find it difficult to stand out among so many rivals. Innokin Technology recommends 4 new model e cigarettes to ecig stores, which makes it easier for them to be more competitive.

According to Innokin Technology, there are several things that need to be noted in order to win the market. The first is quality. Online store should only sell high quality products; otherwise customers will not feel satisfied and will never come back again. On the contrary, if the store really sells good items, the customers will happy to share their shopping experience to their friends, as a result, more and more vapers will choose the store. The second is an attractive outlook and package, electronic cigarette is a good choice as a gift to those people who smoke. When people receive a healthy product with beautiful appearance and package, they surely would be happy and surprised.

Below are 4 new model electronic cigarettes that Innokin prepares for ecig stores:

1. Innokin LEO Pro
Innokin LEO Pro is the ultimate version of LEO e cigarette with several new features beyond a standard e-cigarette, which is highly recommend by e-smokers, there are many reviews made by e-smokers. LEO Pro is en elegant pen style electronic cigarette, attractive in appearance and has very good vapor production and excellent throat hit.

Ergonomic manual button design
LED power indicator button
1000 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Unique pen clip cap keep tank clean and protected
Renowned tank atomizer system

2. Innokin AIO pack
Innokin AIO e cigarettes look like a kind of art, with a handsome smart PCC compatible to almost all ecig batteries. Innokin provide 4 different AIO pack e cigarettes: AIO 510 E Cigarette (1200), AIO NOBLE E Cigarette (1200), AIO 510-T E Cigarette (1201) and AIO 808D E Cigarette.

Longest lasting lithium-polymer batteries
Built-in atomizer and cartridge to produce maximum vapor
LED power capacity indicator
PCC compatible to 95% regular ecig batteries
Mobile power supply as immediate use for phone, MP3,

3. Innokin LEA Kross
LEA Kross is another innovative product by Innokin, which owns all the advantages all the previous LEA-400 and LEA-800.

Innokin dual coil low resistance cartomizer
3 adaptor rings adaptable to all cartomizer threads

650 mAh Polymer Li-Ion Battery

4. Innokin Infinity
Innokin Infinity is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage electronic cigarette, users can adjust the voltage from 3.3 to 5.0 volts. Innokin has not published the details of this product, but according to Innokin, this long waited e cigarette will be available soon.