RAIDMAX Announces New 600W Power Supply – RX-600AF

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Never knew Raidmax made power supplies..

RAIDMAX, a computer chassis provider, is pleased to announce their new 600W Power Supply – RX-600AF. The RX-600AF provides reliable power to your PC while reducing electricity loss through its high efficiency design.
Energy Efficient
With certified 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, the RAIDMAX RX-600AF converts up to 85% of the input electricity into usable energy. This translates to less electrical usage and lower energy cost.
Effective Cooling
The powerful fan keeps the RX-600AF at optimal operating temperatures at regular usage. At times when you want to push your PC harder, the turbo fan controller gives the RX-600AF extra cooling ability anytime.
High-Performance Connections
RAIDMAX’s newest power supply comes with numerous high quality connectors for secure connections to your hardware.
Classic Design
With its white finish and elegant white fan, the RX-600AF’s simple aesthetic design is not such much eye-catching as it is eye-pleasing.
Including several safety precautions such as Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), and Over Power Protection (OPP), the RAIDMAX RX-600AF ensures all your hardware is well powered while protecting them from power abnormalities.

Package Contents
  • Power Supply
  • Connectors
    • M/B 20+4 pin x1
    • CPU 4+4 pin x1
    • PCI-E 6+2 pin x2
    • SATA x6
    • MOLEX 4 pin x4
    • Floppy x1

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