Green Smoke Announces its Presidents Day Sale

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I know it’s exactly tech, but it’s a sale and it’s electronic…


Green Smoke, the leading provider of electronic cigarettes, is about to launch its Presidents Day Sale where customers can take advantage of a 15% savings on all Kits, FlavorMax™ Cartomizers and electronic cigarette batteries at The sale takes place over Presidents Day weekend from February 16-20.

“This sale is going to be great,” says Ken Berg, Green Smoke Program Marketing Manager. “Presidents Day is actually the birthday of our first president George Washington. Just like the Founding Fathers, Green Smoke is developing a product that will have an impact on the world for generations.”

Green Smoke recently released its new line of electronic cigarette kits which bring customers a tremendous value. The line gives them a number of options to choose from so they can find the right kit to fit their smoking habits.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Smokers can enjoy an amazing flavor and high smoke volume, all without having to worry about cigarette odors, ash, cigarette butts, carbon monoxide or tar.

The Presidents Day Sale is the next opportunity for Green Smoke customers to take advantage of the great sales offered by Green Smoke. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are among the highest quality products available on the market, and have been rated by industry reviewers and customers alike for their rich flavor and unbelievably high smoke volume.

“We invite customers to come and take advantage of our sale,” continues Berg. “Our products represent a new era in smoking. We invite all smokers to come and check out this new sensation in smoking and take advantage of a chance to rejoin the party.”

The Green Smoke Presidents Day Sale will be over Presidents Day weekend February 16-20. Go to to take advantage now.