Karotz "Smart" Rabbit Compatible with Facebook

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I want one of these… and I don’t know why, I just do..



The Karotz “smart” rabbit is the first-ever hardware device tailor-made especially for Facebook.  It is the third generation of the multipurpose, internet-connected rabbits which first launched in 2005 as Nabaztag, and has since become an Internet icon.  The immensely popular robotic companions transform daily life by providing a link to family, friends and the world.  Karotz is now compatible with Facebook– a wonderful addition to its already extensive range of features. 
“We are excited to launch the new Karotz smart rabbit which is compatible with Facebook, to allow people to interact both with their new companion and with their friends wherever they are“, Fabien Bardinet, CEO of Violet. “Following the successful launch of Karotz in the US at CES this year, we are confident that it will also do very well in Europe as Karotz already has a strong fan base of people who like to keep in touch with their friends and family via social networking sites on a daily basis.  The concept behind Karotz is to make communicating with friends and sharing information both an interactive and fun experience.”

Karotz can record and post status updates as an audio file, text or photo directly to your Facebook wall.  You can speak directly to Karotz and share news and thoughts with friends at any time of day in real time by updating your Facebook status. You can also show friends what Karotz sees by taking a picture of yourself via the built-in webcam and posting it directly on your Facebook wall.  In a few days friends will also be able to take control of your new companion Karotz via the Facebook app to communicate with you by sending messages and audio files and even you sending a poke.

How does it work?
First, you need to put your Karotz in Facebook mode by saying “Facebook.” You will then be able to take pictures via the webcam and post these directly on your wall simply by saying ‘picture’ to it. You can convert spoken words to text by saying ‘text’ directly to Karotz in order to update your Facebook status and to send messages. You can also ask your favorite companion to read aloud any comments from your Facebook account.   Meantime, there are many more features to discover on Karotz.com.
Karotz enables people to become increasingly interconnected as they can easily interact with the online community at any time of day and become part of the global village where sharing news, thoughts and pictures online in real time is possible wherever they are. As much as social networks are now part of everyday life, Karotz is too, and is an indispensable device in order to receive and to share information via the internet.

Karotz leads us to a new interactive experience in order to benefit from the richness of the Internet, which opens up a whole new form of connected lifestyles!

Karotz offers many more unique features.  Using advanced voice recognition software your companion can search the Internet for any questions or requests.  Karotz also has the ability to play music, check for new emails, read the weather forecast, RSS feeds, tweets and more.  Karotz can share what it sees or hears using its camera or microphone. Karotz is at the heart of people’s lives and in sync with all the important events in the day. 
Violet also offers a wide range of Karotz accessories including the Nanoztag and the Flatnanoz key ring tags which feature RFID chips and can be used to launch an application or to check in and send an email to alert the Karotz owner when their child or roommate is home.   Karotz owners can customize the look of their little buddy with a USB tail or Skinz tattoos.
The free Karotz Controller application is currently available from the Appstore and on Android Market!

The Karotz smart rabbit is available now at Karotz.com, Amazon.com (in the USA: Brookstone.com, J&R.com, Computerworld.com & thinkgeek.com) for $129.99 MSRP (£124.99 / 129.99 Euros).
Follow Karotz on Twitter @Karotz and facebook.com/KarotzSmartRabbit for the latest news on the popular smart rabbit.

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Karotz talks a lot! Yes, but it can also read e-mails and instant messages.
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