Rise and Shine: Ingenious New Alarm Dock Puts Traditional Waking Methods to Bed

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Annoying alarms have been jolting people out of bed for thousands of years, but the creators of iDreamSaver, a stand-alone, motion-activated alarm platform for the iPhone® and iPod Touch®, have developed a solution for waking in a more peaceful, natural state. The iDreamSaver alarm clock monitors sleep state and utilizes superior sensor technology to know when you’re ready to wake up—all from the luxury of a sleek charging dock.

The integrated device was launched on the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, to accelerate production for the product. iDreamSaver, the brainchild of co-founders Drew Shepard and Greg Laugle, is a device and application two years in the making. The two co-workers both felt a need for a smarter, more natural way to wake up in the morning without the hassle of wearing bulky devices or the inconvenience of sleeping with a phone under their pillow, which could be displaced or knocked off the bed entirely.

“While the concept behind motion tracking alarm clocks isn’t new, iDreamSaver is the first practical solution of its kind,” explains Laugle. “The design is compact, the technology is reliable, and the entire user experience allows seamless integration into a normal night-time routine. All competitor solutions to-date have required some nightly setup or some other device that intrudes upon the user. The iDreamSaver does its job transparently to the user, which was really important to us.”

The scientific findings behind waking during light sleep coupled with the technology packed inside of iDreamSaver provide the perfect formula to combat the symptoms of sleep inertia. The iDreamSaver is designed to wake you when it detects movement during a specific window of time. When the “wake-window” is armed, it will sense body motion – indicating you are in a lighter sleep state – and trigger the alarm. There is also a failsafe alarm that will activate if no motion was detected during the wake-window.

The free App which accompanies the iDreamSaver hardware will boast an array of options for the user who will be able to customize many settings, including independently scheduling multiple alarms, color schemes, snooze options and much more. In addition, users can access a playlist and select their own music and use AirPlay to play tunes from any Bluetooth® compatible device instead of a traditional alarm alert.

To ensure one-handed operation, the stylish dock is engineered with special micro-suction feet to prevent the dock from lifting off the nightstand or sliding around when tapping the screen. The material used not only keeps the dock in place, but does so without leaving marks or sticky residue when removed or repositioned. It also comes with a charging cord that is twice the length of standard devices.

“Although the technology and mechanics behind iDreamSaver are tremendously sophisticated, the product itself is refreshingly simple,” says Shepard. “We wanted to create a waking solution that filled a void in the alarm clock industry and change the way the world wakes up.”

For more information about the iDreamSaver project, head over tohttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dshepard/idreamsaver-wake-intelligently.