BoneCraft, the Sexy Sci-Fi/Fantasy Parody Game, Releases Today

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Umm.. ok…


BoneCraft, D-Dub Software’s sexy, hilarious new Sci-Fi/Fantasy parody game, releases today for the PC. It is the second release from the studio that brought you the risquè action-adventure parody BoneTown, and continues D-Dub’s tradition of funny, suggestive games intended for the adult gamer.

BoneCraft is a first-person hack-and-slash shooter game that allows the player to finally go all the way with some of the sexiest creatures in the galaxy. The game follows Captain Fort Worth and his crew of Space Wranglers through encounters with naughty elves and racy robots, battles with Orc hoardes, and much more. About a pre-release trailer for BoneCraft, called the game, “saucy, naughty, and NSFW.”

Legendary voice actor Neil Kaplan, who has played such iconic characters as Tychus from StarCraft II and Optimus Prime in the Transformers series, plays Captain Fort Worth. “I had a blast working on BoneCraft,” he says. “This game is NOT for children, but it sure is for adults with an adult sense of humor!”

Besides its hilarious Sci-Fi/Fantasy satire, BoneCraft features over-the-top characters like Warboss Swampass, metrosexual elf army leader the Headmaster, and parodies of public figures from actors to politicians and more. Your drunk-on-jetfuel Space Wrangler team is upgradable and controllable, and you’ll use weapons from rifles to flamethrowers to grenades as they help you seek the holy grail: the Elf Queen. Along the way, you and the team can have a good time in any way you choose with all types of women, including your sexy robot servant, whose appearance you can change at will, customizable Elf, Orc, Robot, and human girls, and lots of customizable and unlockable sexy content.

In addition, customers who purchase the game within its first month of release will receive limited-time exclusive content of the RoboCop parody Robo-Ho.

BoneCraft is available for the PC as a digital download for $34.99 and as a DVD for $39.99 today, January 12, 2012. Visit to purchase or to learn more about BoneCraft and view trailers, screenshots and wallpapers.