MW3 Strategy Guide Now Available

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Meh.. who needs strategies right?



MW3 or the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a first person shooter- FPS, video game which has been successfully designed by Sledgehammmer Games and Infinity Ward with some contribution from Raven software. This is the 3rd one for the MW series and 8th installment for the Call of Duty franchise which was released last November 8, 2011. Compared to the past series, there are a lot of new modes in this game that the gamer will surely enjoy and experience a great gameplay.

After the successful release and a big bang in the market, there are many players that are looking for a strategies, emblems, and titles guide that will help them in becoming a distinguished player in the game. Kosh MW3 Mastery Guide is released to help gamers and even those who haven’t started yet to experience the best gameplay in FPS game. Before a player can finally be attuned in the game, it requires time to be able to harness the knowledge about a certain game but with the help of Kosh MW3 Guide, things will become easier.

Kosh MW3 Guide, with more information at, was authored by experienced FPS gamers that are constantly looking for information and have been playing the game as well since its beta version. They decided to share out the secrets that they have learned in becoming a top ranked gamer.

Gamers or even the new players – who want to play MW3, will be supplied with full details of the things that should be expected in the game. Aside from the fact that there are a number of guides being released because MW3 is played by millions of gamers worldwide, Kosh MW3 Guide gives out 8 important features in the guide. Here are the following details offered by this guide:

1.    Map Guide – Showing secret shortcuts that only a few have discovered.
2.    Campaign Guide – Gives out details about the different missions and the tricks to be successful in the mission.
3.    Skill Guide – Guide to each skill and which should be upgraded first.
4.    Weapons Guide – It is also important that a gamer should know which weapons to use appropriately in a certain period of time depending upon the situation.
5.    Multiplayer Strategy Guide – With the speed of playing with other players, gamers should be aware on how to handle situations during this mode and to outsmart other players.
6.    Class Guide – Laid out the specialization for each class.
7.    Beginner’s Guide – To every novice and those who have not yet experienced this game, this guide will surely help them out in giving an idea how to play it right.

Just think of it, new modes and weapons in this game gives a whole new experience with the new maps and missions to encounter.

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