Bobsled by T-Mobile Now Offers Free, Unlimited Messaging to Android Users Worldwide

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What the heck is Bobsled and why is it giving T-Mobile unlimited messaging?


-T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced expanded messaging and enhanced calling functionality for Bobsled™ by T-Mobile®, providing consumers with effortless communication for free across devices, countries, social networks and mobile carriers. Expanding upon the Bobsled Calling service introduced earlier this year, Bobsled Messaging is an all-in-one, cloud-based messaging application that allows consumers to send and receive individual and group messages with friends and family from any Android™-powered smartphone or tablet, and almost any Web-connected, browser-enabled device.

Also starting today, T-Mobile enhanced its Bobsled Calling service, enabling users to make free phone calls over their data connection from their mobile and Wi-Fi-enabled devices including Android-powered smartphones and tablets as well as iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® devices. As with Bobsled Calling on the Web, the Bobsled Calling mobile application now allows users to easily make outgoing calls to numbers in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico for free from anywhere in the world where they have an open data connection. Users of the iPad® can now dial any number in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico using the dialpad in the Bobsled Calling application and the call is connected for free; however, data rates may apply.

Unlike competing services, Bobsled Messaging provides a universal way to communicate. The service allows people to send free, rich media messages — including photos, videos and locations — to Bobsled users anywhere in the world where they have an open data connection from any Android™-powered smartphone, tablet or Web-connected device, using their existing mobile number. Bobsled Messaging also allows people to send group messages from any Android™-powered smartphone to other Android™-powered smartphones as well as iOS, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and even feature phones. Bobsled Messaging capabilities include the following:

Group Messaging. You can create groups from your contact list regardless of carrier or device. Group members can reply to the entire group at once.

Cloud Synchronization. You can access your Bobsled messages and contacts on any tablet or computer. All your messages stay in sync and in the cloud.

Rich and All-in-One Messaging Service. It combines the best of traditional (SMS) and Internet Protocol (IP) messaging into one rich, multimedia messaging app to connect with friends and groups.

Open to Everyone. It works for all of your friends and family on many devices, regardless of carrier, around the world.

Free. Bobsled-to-Bobsled messaging is always free, and no messaging plan is required to text a number if you have a data connection.

The free Bobsled Messaging application enhances and extends the messaging capabilities of your existing Android™-powered smartphone while also extending these capabilities to your other connected devices.


Bobsled Messaging is now available for download free of charge on all Android-powered smartphones and tablets through the Android Marketplace. The updated Bobsled Calling application is available for download through the Android Market and the iTunes App Store™. For more information on Bobsled by T-Mobile, please visit

Bobsled Messaging is powered by HDmessaging Inc. Using HDmessaging’s cloud-based contact and message storage and synchronization technologies, Bobsled customers can access their contact list and messages across almost all of their connected devices.

Bobsled Calling is powered by Vivox Inc. Leveraging Vivox’s VoiceEverywhere technology, T-Mobile and Vivox are ushering in a new era of voice communications — online, on the go, virtually wherever and however users want to converse.

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