Vapor4Life Can Help With New Year’s Resolution: Put Down Pack Of Tobacco Cigarettes In 2012!

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I have a V4L kit and they’re not bad… still not the same as the real thing though…


Making a New Year’s Resolution is only half the story. Sticking to it is where the challenge really begins! AtVapor4Life (V4L), they can help others stick to their New Year’s Resolution to finally put down that pack of tobacco cigarettes and pick up one of their products found in their broad electronic cigarette line. A wide range of starter kits at various price points and an extensive selection of 150 flavor options for this smoking alternative are offered with superior customer service.

Recently, V4L launched a Smokeless Lounge at its headquarters, located at 4100 Commercial Drive in Northbrook, which has been met by an overwhelming response. Smokers were invited to trade in their pack of tobacco cigarettes for a FREE Vapor4Life e-cigarette, and the crowds have continued to find their way to the Smokeless Lounge ever since. The Smokeless Lounge is open M-F between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

“E-cigs are catching on as the perfect smoking alternative,” says V4L President and Founder Steve Milin. “We’ve watched the customer numbers grow and grow over the past year and, considering this expanding popularity, you’ll be seeing even more people moving from tobacco cigarettes to our e-cig products, which are offered in varying strengths of nicotine.”

Around 300 people visited the Smokeless Lounge during the original 36th annual Great American Smokeout event, held in mid-November, and people continue to visit to learn more about V4L products, watch videos, receive personalized service from the experienced V4L Team and sample flavors.

For those seeking a lifestyle change in 2012, V4L e-cigarettes are the ideal start to the New Year. As an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid, and people can choose from several strengths of nicotine that best fit their prior smoking style. Stop into V4L’s Smokeless Lounge and start off the New Year without those tobacco cigarettes!

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