Crosswords Comes to Facebook

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Crossword puzzles are fun, I used to do them in the paper all of the time but it seems everything is online and it’s from crossword puzzles to online bingo games. I’m on Facebook but I’ve never played any of the games on there, I’m just not into it, but if you are you might want to check out the social version of crossword puzzling called Crosswords.


PuzzleSocial today announced the beta launch of Crosswords, the first social, competitive, multi-player crosswords application for Facebook. The application features the Celebrity Crossword, the first ever daily celebrity crossword puzzle featured exclusively on Facebook and written by the top constructors in the country. In addition to the Celebrity Crossword, PuzzleSocial has secured exclusive agreements to offer three additional daily crosswords on Facebook: The Newsday Crossword, a daily crossword featured in over 200 newspapers and online outlets, the CrosSynergy Crossword, featured in the Washington Post since 1997, and the A.V. Club Crossword, found in the Onion A.V. Club.

Crosswords goes far beyond pencil and paper, offering the choice to play by yourself (singles) or in real time with a partner from anywhere in the world (doubles). If you play “for fun” there is no clock and you can check your answers as you go. If you play “for stats” there is no assistance and your solving times are recorded so you can track improvement over time. Additionally, the application offers singles tournaments (as featured in the movie “Wordplay”), real time doubles tournaments, and real time head-to-head games.

CEO of PuzzleSocial and avid puzzle enthusiast Jeb Balise hopes that “the social and competitive nature of Crosswords will bring the 50 million crossword enthusiasts in the US and millions more around the world closer together through the joy of solving.”

The game is free to play at: