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The weekly update from Mobile Fun!!!


At Mobile Fun, following on from last week’s retro handset, I’ve got the iDock this week,  I’ve also got the iDuck Waterprood speaker and the answer to soem fo your Galaxy s2 questions.

Gaming Zap have had some great Xbox and PS3 gift packs come into stock and they’ve got news on the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fightsticks.  GearZap have news on the Padstand iPad and tablet stand, whilst Lovecases have sourced some great new products from Capdase.

First up is the iDock, this is a great iPhone docking station which allows you to turn your iPhone into a traditional handset held telephone.  This means you can dock your iPhone at a nice comfortable angle and use the attached phone to answer calls – it’s like old school call handling.  The dock is also great for Facetime and other video calls as it can be positioned to the perfect angle and saves you having to hold your phone during video calls.

You can also charge your phone up whilst it’s in the dock and just simply use it to stream media from and hold your handset so that you never misplace it.  This quirky dock costs £19.95 and is available now.




Next up is the iDuck Wireless Waterproof Speaker (lots of i’s this week).  This is a great idea – using the iDuck means you can relax in the bath, listening to either the radio or the music from your iPod, whilst your device is in another room! The iDuck comes with an egg which you plug into your musical device and it streams through an FM wave to the Duck which is in the bath with you  – saves talking your phone or MP3 player into the bathroom and breaking it. 

You can also take the iDuck on your travels with you as it has a built in speaker, so you can use it in the garden or anywhere.  At only £19.95 the iDuck is a great gift and it’s in stock now 🙂



This week on the Mobile Fun blog, Will’s put together a couple of guides to help answer the question of which cases fit the Galaxy S2 with the 2000mAh Extended battery on? The extended battery is really popular and helps to keep your S2 juiced up for a lot longer, but because it adds a small amount of bulk, not all cases will fit with it… so here’s Will’s guide to help you and your readers:

Also another bit of news from MF HQ, from Monday (12th December) we’ll be extending our ordering hours for same day despatch to 7pm.  This means you’ve got longer to order your products for guaranteed despatch the same day..

Over at GamingZap, they’ve had gift packs arrive for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  Each pack is in stock now and costs £19.95.  In theXbox 360 Gift Pack there’s everything you need to start gaming: a headset, so you can chat on Xbox Live, a HDMI cable to improve your gaming experience and a plug and play rechargeable cable and battery, so you’ll always be juiced up.

The Playstation 3 Gift Pack is full to the brim of PS3 accessories including an wireless Orbyx headset, a quad charger for Playstation Move remotes, a stand for your PS3 so you can store it upright and a HDMI cable for HD gaming. #


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Gaming Zap have also got their paws on the Hori Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Xbox 360 Fight Stick and the Hori Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 PS3 Fightstick.  These are coming into stock next week and they feature a great piece of artwork on them showing all the characters.  Using the Fightsticks, gives you the feeling of playing the arcade style game with the original layout.  It can help to increase your accuracy and speed whilst playing with the Xbox 360 Fightstick which contains genuine Sanwa-Denshi parts.

The fightstick makes the action seem a lot more realistic and adds a new edge to the game.  It’s a great gift for those who are fans of arcade style games and Marvel and Capcom.



Over at Gear Zap, they’ve sourced the Padstand 2, this is a small robust stand which is compatible with the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and numerous other tablets.  It simply allows you to dock your device and charge it with the wire you already have – but it keeps your space looking tidy and uncluttered.  The soft matte coating of the iPad stand doesn’t cause any damage to your device and is nice to touch. 

Using the PadStand 2, docks your iPad at the most comfortable angle for streaming media and sending emails, making it one of the most useful iPad accessories for such a small price tag.  The Padstand 2 costs £9.95 and will be in stock soon.




LoveCases have got in a whole new range of Capdase camera cases and bags for all types of cameras.  Two of the products they’ve sourced are the Capdase NEX-5 Camera case and the Capdase mKeeper 33a SLR Camera and Laptop bag.  The SLR and Laptop backpack is £46.95 and is a stylish nylon bag which has organiser pockets inside so that you can store all the accessories needed for your camera as well as your laptop.  It’s great for those who are citizen journalists or freelancers as you can carry everything you need in one place.


The Sony NEX 5 case comes in a bright red colour.  It fits your NEX-5 perfectly and offers full protection, coming complete with a water-resistant lens pouch.  The case has suede lining so that your camera is kept looking in great condition, and it’s under £30 so a great buy.