Kleansleeve Releases Eco-friendly Microfibre Sleeve for iPad and iPhone for the Holidays

cellphones mitts

These are actually rather cool..



The company called kleansleeves, based out of Victoria British Columbia, has designed a solution for the residue and fingerprints on the latest touch screen devices. Custom fit to the various sizes of products, kleansleeves is hoping to help the environment by encouraging users to maintain the quality of the iPhone and iPad. When removing the residue that accumulates on the touch screen devices, this microfibre cleaning lineris very efficient and luxuriously stylish.

Fingerprints leave an oily residue on the touch screen area. When showing videos or giving a presentation with your device, clarity can make a big difference. The efficiency that kleansleeves provides is immediate and reassuring. The device is simple to use; place it inside the microfibre cleaning sleeveand rub it clean. The outside of the kleansleeve can also be used as it is the same texture inside and out.

The decision to design the mitt was with the intention of reaching toward expedience when speed is a factor and various devices that may need attention. The Company is able to provide as custom a fit as possible so the website is requesting the make and model upon ordering. Kleansleeves offers two styles of sleeves. One is a pouch and the other is a pouch with a flap that folds over the top. Both styles are provided for the iPad,laptops and cell phones.

Dropping a cell phone or having it slip from a pocket can scratch not only the phone but the small camera lense on the phone. Having it wrapped in a kleansleeve prevents this type of damage. The fabric is helpful locating a cell phone in the bottom of a backpack or purse and can also be a useful disguise when out in a restaurant or bar.

The company has tested and retested the durability of the kleansleeve and is proud to provide an eco-friendly product. From choosing to pre-wash the fabric and using strong thread, just to name a few tweeks, it is with great enthusiasm to contribute to more conscious choices for the Planet.

kleansleeves’ goal is to help maintain the quality and lifespan of touch screen devices and to help keep them clean, while staying green.

For more information on kleansleeves or order please browse our store in the window below and Happy Holidays from www.kleansleeves.com