Apple Certified Battery Case for iPad 2 Released by MiLi Power


A bit on the expensive side?


MiLi®, specialized in design and development of digital battery and charging solutions, announces the release of the MiLi Power iBox as of 12/8/11. The iPad 2 battery case has been Apple Certified and will be showcased at CES 2012 early next month. With MiLi’s intelligent design, Power iBox stays thin and slim while doubling the battery life of the iPad 2.

Available initially in silver at http://www.MiLiPower.comfor $139.99, the MiLi Power iBox delivers an affordable power solution for the Apple iPad 2 in a sleek protective case.

Power iBox fits like a second skin to the iPad 2 providing protection and power without adding bulk. Equipped with a 8,000mAh lithium polymer battery, the Power iBox packs enough charge to double the iPad 2’s battery life. The iPad 2 battery case’s low-profile casing provides durable protection against drops or mishaps while its silver finish and stylish design adds personality. In addition to protecting the back of the iPad 2, the MiLi Power iBox is compatible with the iPad 2 Smart cover. So there is no need for an extra protective bag or stand for the iPad 2.

MiLi Power iBox features include:

  •         World’s first Apple Certified battery and protective case for the iPad 2
  •     8,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery capacity doubles the life of your iPad 2
  •     Available in five color to match the Smart cover of the iPad 2, in silver, blue, green, pink,     and orange.
  •     One-year manufacturer’s warranty

Now shipping, MiLi Power iBox is available for $139.99 at and various retailers throughout the U.S.