12 Year Old Entrepreneur Invents Award Winning iPad Stands

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Good kids these days…



At age 12, Dino Zaharakis, exhibits his latest iPad stands at a trade show in Chicago’s McCormick Center and is awarded the “Most Innovative Product.” He is not a one hit wonder. At age 11, dzdock One, his first iPad stand was selected as “Top 5 stocking stuffers” by Men’s Health magazine.

The inability of many iPad docks and iPhone docks to accommodate the devices with a case led him to invent an iPad stand, the dzdock. He also noticed that although many devices were designed in the USA, few were made in the USA .

His goal was to develop a stand that could:

•     place/remove a device without disconnecting its cable

•     hold a device with/without a skin in both portrait and landscape modes

•     have viewing angles that were optimized for video conferencing

•     have it made in the USA

•     accommodate iPad, Kindle, nook, tablets, iPhone and other smartphones.

Born in New York City and growing up in the rust-belt city of Bethlehem, PA, Dino knows the importance of hard work, locally-made products and American pride.

Dino’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed again when his parents reviewed summer camps on the family’s iPad. His father had rigged an impromptu iPad stand, but Dino found several design flaws and suggested he could do better. His dad challenged him:

If he could design an iPad dock and web site he could get a phone.

Dino’s mind went into high gear. He set to work manipulating pieces of aluminum stock, using a miter saw and a vise. He made several prototypes. The favorites were dubbed Curly 3 Stooges, Alpha Slick and Big Z.

Finally, dzdock Onewas created by including the best features/abilities of each prototype. Dino has introduced two more models, dzdock 1.1 and 1.2 and is putting the final touches on a third.

dzdock  fulfills Dino’s entrepreneurial vision of an innovative, high quality product Made in the USA.

dzdock is available for $29.99 in a variety of colors at www.dzdock.com and Amazon.com. Use the promotional code of DZPRNEWS at www.buy.dzdock.comuntil year’s end and you can buy a dzdock for$19.99.

For more info please visit www.dzdock.com/aboutus.php or follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/dzdock