War Inc. Battlezone Roars Into Open Beta Phase 2

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War may be hell, but War Inc. Battlezonehas been heaven for its strong and loyal following. Now the game is even better, as developer/publisher Online Warmongers announced today that the world’s first free-to-play AAA third-person shooter has entered its second and final open beta phase.

Since entering Open Beta Phase 1 in late July, War Inc. Battlezone has enlisted players from 175-plus countries who have collectively invested more than 120 million hours or 13,000 yearsof game play!

War Inc. Battlezoneis an immersive and exciting online experience featuring more than 100 officially licensed weapons, surpassing anything offered by any previous free-to-play or retail war shooters,” said Sergey Titov, CEO of Online Warmongers. “We are the first game to provide dedicated game modes and maps for fans of both battlefield-style open world tactical battles with vehicles and support, such as airstrikes by unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as featuring special eSports mode for pro players.”

New Open Beta Phase 2 features include:

  • New camera and character controls that provides players more direct, tight control of their characters, easing navigation through game levels.
  • The weapon system has been upgraded with tons of new licensed guns, featuring weapon upgrades, more accessible and easy-to-attain rewards, and new ways to receive premium content and new weapons.
  • The game is replete with new game mechanics, including the introduction of a weapon that paints targets for specified airstrikes, voiced tactical commands to strategize with comrades and the inclusion of many social features like clan support.
  • The game engine has been tuned up to be more stunning than ever. Sporting more lifelike animations via motion capture, enhanced textures and higher detail, War Inc. Battlezonereigns as the most graphically impressive free-to-play shooter available.

Now is the perfect time to jump into the War Inc. Battlezone theater of operations, as it will be available on Wednesday, December 7 for the first time on www.impulsedriven.com. Those who sign up on Impulse will receive an exclusive game package of premium items at 60 percent off store prices.

New recruits can also join War Inc. Battlezone Open Beta Phase 2 at http://thewarinc.com where they will also find update notes, community events, forums and more. Those who tear things up on the leader boards will be in the running for real-world grand prizes supplied by Cybergun!