GameStop and Rockstar Games Announce Pre-order Exclusive for Video Game Max Payne 3

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This is a nice special edition…


GameStop (NYSE: GME), the world’s largest multichannel retailer of video games, and Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), are proud to announce an exciting pre-order exclusive for the highly anticipated video game, Max Payne 3. Customers who pre-order Max Payne 3 at a U.S GameStop store or online at www.GameStop.comwill get early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer Map. GameStop pre-order customers will have access to the map at the game’s launch, weeks before it is made available for download to the public.

The final resting place of Max’s young wife and daughter, Cemetery represents the tragic past Max cannot forget. With a wintry New York City skyline, sniping positions amongst the monuments, destructible tombstones, circular fighting arenas in a rotunda garden and a looming mausoleum, Cemetery makes a fitting final home for your enemies.

In addition, Rockstar Games has announced the Max Payne 3 Special Edition will be available for pre-order from Nov. 22, 2011 through Jan. 15, 2012 and will include:

  • A copy of Max Payne 3;
  • 10” tall collectible Max Payne statue created in a collaboration between TriForce and Rockstar Games;
  • Series of game-inspired Original Still Life Art Prints that depict some of Max Payne’s inner demons and vices;
  • Copper- and brass-plated iron, bullet-shaped Bullet Keychain featuring a screw-off back;
  • Classic Multiplayer Character Pack of eight playable multiplayer characters for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, including fan favorites from the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 like Max Payne from Max Payne 2, Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem;
  • Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack for Max Payne 3Multiplayer that includes the Hammerhead Auto Shotgun, G9 Grenade Launcher and Molotov cocktail;
  • Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack featuring the game’s instrumental score.

The Max Payne 3 Special Edition is ideal for fans and players looking for premium and collectible Max Payne content, including digital character and weapon packs not found anywhere else. The Max Payne 3Special Edition will retail for $99.99 in North America and is available for pre-order now until Jan. 15, 2012, while supplies last.

Max Payne 3 and the Max Payne 3 Special Edition will be available in March 2012. For more information or to pre-order, visit a GameStop store or go to