SolidWorks Holiday Gift Guide

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I’ve never heard of SolidWorks, but they’re got some decent stuff in here..



1. Bresh® Single Use Toothbrush

For those days rushing between stores and holiday parties, the Bresh Single Use Toothbrush will help you keep your smile clean and fresh all day. SolidWorks helped the Company with the unique design that includes toothpaste in the cap. Just push on the cap, and toothpaste flows into the bristles. Simply brush, and discard – bresh is 100% biodegradable, including the bag.!shop

2. The Carson Rotisserie

A versatile grill, the SolidWorks-designed Carson Rotisserie unfolds from sleek metal briefcase to a seven skewer fully functional rotisserie grill that can cook all your favorite meats, fruits and vegetables. With 4,000 cubic inches of cooking volume, chefs can grill for as many as 50 people without the stress of flipping anything or maintaining exact temperatures.

3. Cool Gear EZ-Freeze Pure™ Filtration bottle

The EZ-Freeze Pure™ Filtration bottle provides an easy solution to finding cool, refreshing and clean water on-the-go. Water flows through the patented filtration system, reducing chlorine taste and odor, while simultaneously keeping the water cool. SolidWorks was instrumental in the design procedure, from the early stages of concepts to the final tooling of the product, ensuring parts work and look their best.

4. Wilson from Cycles Devinci

The 2011 Wilson is a new design from the ground up that has been several years in the making. The cyclist in your life will benefit from Cycles Devinci’s use of SolidWorks Motion and SolidWorks Simulation software to simulate frame performance and optimize strength-to-weight ratios.

5. iPhone Case from Dsign&More

Thanks to SolidWorks and 3D printing technology, this truly customizable case features a small compartment to store your cash card, business card or money. Surprise your loved ones with an iPhone case customized with their name, slogan or logo on the back and on one side.

6. ESS CrossbowTM

Designed in SolidWorks, the ESS Crossbow eye shield has re-defined performance and utility for eye protection. The Crossbow’s Tri-Tech FitTM frame ergonomics offer universal comfort and stability with zero pressure points. A great stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to take a few risks while protecting their eyes.

7. Fiskars ShopBoss™ Hardware Snip

An innovative multi-purpose tool, the ShopBoss combines some of the most frequently used tools in any toolbox. Designed in SolidWorks, it includes a built-in notch for wire cutting and wire stripping and a built-in bottle opener. Specially designed handles combine with a unique, spring-action design to give users more cutting leverage.

8. iPad® 2 Wrap

Engineered in SolidWorks to work with Apple’s Smart Cover, the Wrap protects your iPad 2’s corners and back while adding only two mm of thickness. The Wrap is manufactured on demand, allowing you to choose from four patterns or to customize it with a personal design or a corporate logo. iPad 1 wraps are also available.

9. Zoku The Quick PopTM Maker

Designed entirely in SolidWorks, the patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or flavored core pops (aka “creamsicles”). The unit can make up to nine pops before refreezing the unit again.